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The number of powerful Leopards in Jhalana leopard safari National Park has increased dramatically this year. The news is wonderful for all wildlife enthusiasts. Tourists’ desire to hear the cry of the wild will therefore be great and fun-filled.

Numerous wildlife enthusiasts will be drawn to Jhalana Safari Park by the call of the wild to embrace nature and live among wild animals. Jhalana National Park in Jaipur can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

About Jhalana Safari Park –

Located in the Aravalli foothills, this picturesque area is decorated with a beautiful view of the deserts, plains, rivers, valleys, tropical rainforests, Himalayan foothills, coastal mangroves, and the snow-clad scenic charms of the upper north side. Its wilderness thrills adventurers and animal aficionados, and its peaceful atmosphere comforts those who enjoy the outdoors. The exhilarating Jhalana Leopard Safari in Jaipur is the best. The best way to experience this beautiful environment and connect with the natural world is by doing so.

The city of Jaipur –

  • Major attractions: Leopard safari and other wildlife in the park. Snakes, Indian civets, desert and jungle cats, desert foxes, jackals, porcupines, jungle rats, monitor lizards, mongooses, Sambar deer, and spotted deer are among the other animals that may be found there (chital).
  • Common Birds in Jhalana National Park: Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet, Indian Pitta, etc.
  • Recommended time to visit: November- May is the ideal time to travel.

Tour of the Jhalana Leopard Safari Park –

  • The Jhalana Leopard Safari is an ideal way of experiencing the wild.
  • Due to its unusual population of leopards and panthers, as well as its stunning variety of vegetation, Jhalana Leopard Reserve is particularly well-known.
  • The Jhalana Leopard Safari is held in the morning and the evening.
  • It is open all year long, including during the monsoon according to the seasonal hours to enjoy the best of Jhalana tourism.


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When to see Jhalana National Park at its best?

The ideal time to visit this magnificent Jhalana Leopard Reserve is from November to May. In the summer, it’s common to find wild leopards wandering close to water sources because the heat of the season makes them thirsty. =

The area is decorated with migratory birds, bulls, spotted deer, langurs, etc. in the winter. The greatest time to go sightseeing is now.

Jhalana National Park’s flora –

There are almost 35 leopards in Jhalana National Park, including 10 cubs. Leopards are therefore simple to spot. It is the best location in India to see leopards.

The Striped Hyena, Blue Bull (Nilgai), numerous species of snakes, Indian civets, desert cats, jungle cats, desert foxes, jackals, porcupines, jungle rats, monitor lizards, mongooses, Sambar deer, and spotted deer, can all be seen in addition to leopards (chita).

Species of Birds in the Jhalana National Park –

Jhalana National Park is a bird watcher’s paradise due to the variety of birds there. It is among the best things to do in this area. There are numerous birds, like the Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet, and others, that will steal your heart. This will convince you that your wildlife vacation in Jhalana National Park was the best one you have ever had.


Forest staff of the Jhalana Leopard reserve oversees all reservations for the Jhalana Leopard Safari. In one shift, only ten, 6-seater jeeps are permitted to enter Jhalana National Park. Online reservations for your Leopard Safari are crucial.

Things to take into account while booking online –

  • You must pay the full amount due to Jhalana National.
  • Safari reservations can be made 90 days in advance.
  • Your passport information is required if you are not an Indian.
  • The park may close without giving guests prior notice if there is a problem.

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