Best GameCube Emulator Android, Mac, PC, Wii, iOS, Windows

Best GameCube Emulator Android, Mac, PC, Wii, iOS, Windows

Best GameCube Emulator – The GameCube (GCN / NGC) is a 6th-generation 32-bit handheld launched by Nintendo for $199 on November 18th 2001.

It has a 486 MHz IBM PowerPC Gekko CPU with an ATI Flipper GPU. Nintendo, Namco, and Sega also developed the GameCube-based Triforce arcade console, launching games for it the following year.

Best GameCube Emulator Android, Mac, PC, Wii, iOS, Windows

Best GameCube Emulator

The Triforce had an IBM ‘Gekko’ PowerPC with 24 MB of RAM at 486 MHz, the GPU was a ‘Flipper’ model ATI / Nintendo.

In 2006, Nintendo launched the sequel, the Wii, where it was discovered that the hardware and software interfaces were very close (though more powerful).

It indicated that instead of using emulation the Wii was able to handle GameCube titles natively.

In comparison, when the Wii U was launched in 2012, it included a Wii console that could use Wii remotes which did not have GameCube controller ports or GameCube games supported; the controller problem was later fixed with the Super Smash Bros. upgrade but this still did not allow GameCube players to function.

In 2001, Nintendo’s GameCube officially released it as the first console to use optical disks as a primary storage facility. The disk size became smaller and could be attached to your own advancement by Nintendo cable and sell 22 million copies globally before its discontinuation in 2007.

The Nintendo console connector allows online games. When we think about the visuals, the graphics in GameCube is slightly better than Sony PS2 but XBOX is easier for consumers than the cube of the game.


  1. Contemporary shape of cube.
  2. Four ports of monitor.
  3. Two spaces for your memory card.
  4. Custom Processor 485MHz and custom graphics processor 162MHz for a potential link between modem and broadband.
  5. Maximum ram for 40 MB and bandwidth for 2.6 GB per second.
  6. 12 M polygons per second; network processing texture 10.4 GB per second.
  7. 64 channels of speech.
  8. 3-inch Optical Disc Technology (1.5 gigabytes).
  9. Dimensions 4.5’x 5.9’x 6,3.

Nintendo emulators are developed for following operating systems:


  1. Windows.
  2. IOS.
  3. Android.

Best Emulators:


The best GameCube Emulator are as follows along with their pros and cons:

Dolphin Emulator:


If you’re looking to run GameCube, Nintendo and Wii games on your PC for an emulator so Dolphin Emulator or Dolphin Emu is the perfect game for you. Some games are working outright or with slight glitches.

You will enjoy your favorite High Definition Quality games. This may be a notable aspect the GameCube and Wii systems in particular do not seem capable of.

The best thing about Dolphin Simulator is that it’s an open source project that anyone can operate on contributes to the simulator enhancements.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. After saving it you can restore a state of.
  2. Anti-Aliasing brings a different feel to the visuals so the game looks amazing on the dolphin emulator.
  3. Toy dream games can be played with 1080p resolution.
  4. Allows Wiimote and Nunchuck to understand gaming easier.


  1. The emulator is fast and stable.
  2. Even better graphics than the original console.
  3. Full gaming experience with Wiimote assistance is configurable to monitor.
  4. Also supports Wii Console games.


  1. Almost none.

Dolwin Emulator:

Dolwin emulator for console Nintendo GameCube is basically based on processor derivative Power PC. Designed in C language, Emulator uses techniques such as interpreter and just in time compiler.

Dolwin has an incredibly user-friendly GUI. It facilitates emulation of high level and emulation of hardware is based on plug-ins of the device. Dolwin simulator is very reliable but needs a fast machine but is still unable to run commercial games so far.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. Truly detailed emulation.
  2. Controls customizable.
  3. Allows full screen mode.
  4. High quality emulation and very easy-to-use interface.


  1. The design is absolutely brilliant.
  2. Graphics really are fantastic.


  1. Cannot play games commercially.
  2. Needs a fast PC to experience gaming well.

Whine Cube Emulator:


Whine cube is another emulator developed on language C++. With excellent graphics and sound it can load and run DOL, ELF format.

This simulator still does not run professional games but can run some experimental games. It also provides the option to turn off or activate debug logging. This simulator has a dynamic compiler and an interpreter and a basic HLE program is accessible.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. It is a quick simulator.
  2. Funds emulation to a high level.
  3. Support for the obsolete HLE program.
  4. Functions configurable.


  1. It’s fast simulator games that can run on old PC’s.
  2. Good visuals and accompanying music.


  1. Has a lot of bugs and sometimes the emulator crashes.
  2. The control monitoring is always off by chance.
  3. No disassembler on DSP.

GCEMU Emulator:


This simulator was created in mid-2005 but due to unknown reasons it is a very unfinished GC emulator which was not released. To achieve an efficient speed this emulator uses recompilation techniques.

Though the emulation is not complete, it is not poor at all. If you use this simulator, you’ll have plenty of crashes and bugs.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. It is a rapid emulator.
  2. An incomplete emulator, so that we can’t really assess its full features.


  1. Fast emulation concept.


  1. Lots of bugs and crashes.
  2. Unstable emulator.

Cube Emulator


Console is an emulation on GameCube. It lets you install GameCube games on a Windows PC, Linux Computer, or Mac.

GameCube is an open source GameCube emulator, built with the primary purpose of running at least one entirely emulated commercial game. The simulator has no consumer games yet and the latest version is intended for homebrew programs.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. Emulator which is open source for further development.
  2. This attempts at playing company sports.
  3. Emulation of high-level sound and visuals.


  1. Included solid support.
  2. Controls that can be programmed.
  3. Superb pictures.


  1. Is not yet able to run commercial sports.
  2. Contains lots of bugs and crashes.

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