Harishchandragad trek- Itinerary and best time to visit

Harishchandragad trek

Instructions for the Harishchandragad Trek

Another of the hardest hikes in Maharashtra’s western part is the. a well-known trip that caters to all types of hikers and provides a variety of adventures.

It is a mountain fort located in the Indigenous group Ghat of Hyderabad. It ascends to a height of 4,670 feet.

A historic fort is called Harishchandragad. According to The sixth century, at the height of the Kalchuri family dynasty’s power. out can see from the top.

The different buildings on the castle and in the neighborhood are signs of the presence of several civilizations. Caves like Saptatheertha Pushkarni, Kedareshwar, Harishchandra, and others.

Sandhan valley trek is one of the best treks in Maharashtra like this Harishchandragad Trek. it is a must try.

A rock with an overflow that provides 

is what Konkan Kada views, which is why the nickname. Kada is a Marathi word for a cliff.

It is a concave-shaped stone wall. including vertical air bursts and a circle rainbow, sometimes specters can be seen as a result of this architecture.

As the clouds move closer to the cliff, they are drawn down into the sky. The result gives the appearance of a vertical cloud burst. 

Round rainbows can be directly behind the face of the valley. 

The places of historical significance at the summit of the Harishchandragad trip

The peak of the Harishchandragad Trek is home to several shrines, Pushkarni, and caves. They all reflect various cultural eras beginning in the 6th century.

The Harishchandreshwar Mandir is to create statues out of stone in traditional India. This temple was hewn from The Harishchandra cathedral’s right shoulder where you’ll find the Kedareshwar cave. It has a sizable Shiva Linga that is submerged in water. Even as the liquid inside will always be chilly, getting to the center is quite challenging.

Taramati Peak’s spectacular view of the Naneghat region

The fourth-highest peak in Bombay is Taramati Peak. Another name for this summit is Taramanchi. It is situated on the plateau of Harishchandragad. The Naneghat region as well as other forts close to Murbad can be seen from there.

Details of the Trail

There for the Harishchandragad hike. There are which you can access it. People hail from the villages of Walhivale/Belpada, Pachnai, or Khireshwar. The routes from Walhivale/to Belpada are incredibly difficult. From Belpada, there seem to be three different paths. These Sadhle Ghat, Makad Naal, or Nalichi Vaat. Another option is to combine Saddle Beach and Bhail Ghat. s should attempt those treks. Rope & bungie cords of crampons.

Trek Harishchandragad through Khireshwar (Moderate Route)

There are two ways to complete the Khireshwar journey: one way and the other way of Forming clusters.

There are on the Rajmarg trail. Therefore, if you’ve never gone trekking, it is 

Khind is scenic and includes some difficult terrain. Read the to learn the entire trail details for this trip.

There are three distinct portions to this trail.

Trekking from Khireshwar town to a forest.

30 minutes thru the forest to get to Tolar Khind

2 to 3 days form Tolar 

time to complete the Harishchandragad Trek

The months of August through February. During this time, Harishchandragad. The trip is at its this season. Summertime can have very warm conditions. Consequently, it is a hike to the peak of Harishchandragad.

There are several monsoon seasons, they turn slick. Thus, it is travel to Harishchandragad during the height of the rain.

How challenging is the Harishchandragad Trek?

These aspects of the walk if you start from Belpada/Walhivale. We must bring safety gear with us to navigate them. a group of knowledgeable hikers or in a company that can ensure your safety.

This Pachnai course does not part. The route is simple and short.

There aren’t many portions of the Khireshwar trail which are or are technical. These are the sections:

The path through wet. If it is monsoon season, it may be mushy and slick. The trail is more challenging with gravel that is present.

After Harishchandragad Trek, there are places to see

You have a day to explore Harishchandragad on your own. of benefits. If you’d like, there and locations you can visit. Among them are:

Water is provided to towns like Our, Junnar, Narayangaon, & AlePhata by the Pimpalgaon Joga dam on the Pushpavati river.

You can explore the dam or stay by the reservoir. Bring and set up camp there.

Backward waterfall It is a Naneghat where the water runs the other way around. This is a result of that blow against the flow of the water. After completing the Harishchandragad walk, you can do that here.

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