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Paramotors in Jaisalmer are an absolute must for excitement and enjoyment in the city. Paragliding relies on engines for propulsion rather than a jeep. Everybody can enjoy the joy and private flights thanks to it. The very same skydiving wings, a small motor, and a blade are all utilized. Anyone may fly a paramotor without such a license, and they expensive than other types of aircraft.

Go paramotoring at the Sam Sand Dunes if you’re bold and want to make your trip exciting. Parasailing with power allows you to take in the deserts from the air.

You don’t need to be concerned because the pilot is a high achiever who will safely pilot you through the air. So relax and take some fantastic photos to put on your social media profiles while taking in the scenery. You can participate in the endeavor from 8 am to 2:00 pm for Rs. 2,199 per person.

Features of paramotor

lead and supervise participants at all times.

Around 15 to 20 minutes are spent paramotoring in Jaisalmer.

It comes with safety equipment like a helmet and harness.

Because it is motor-driven, experts will inspect the motor and then use it.

Reserve the time slot on a particular day, is necessary.

Since your fingers are free while you’re soaring through the air, you may take photos and pictures to capture the moment and make lifelong memories.

The engine keeps the flying at a safe altitude and makes it user-friendly for beginners.

Activities are conducted

Paramotoring in Jaisalmer are an absolute must of excitement and enjoyment in the city.

Paragliding is known as paramotoring, which relies on engines for propulsion rather than a jeep.

Professional teachers will lead and supervise participants at all times.

In Jodhpur, paramotoring lasts for about 15 to twenty minutes.

It comes with safety equipment like a mask and belt.

To reserve the time slot on a particular day, applying advanced is necessary.

What to Know Before Going There

The Kanoi settlement is close to Sam Sand Dunes Road in Rajasthan, where paramotoring will take place.

You will need to drive your automobile or ride your bicycle to get there.

If do not own a vehicle, we can provide one just for you, but it will cost more.

Have an unforgettable adventure by paramotoring deep above the Jaisalmer desert, gliding alongside desert birds, and letting the desert air direct your path.

Our staff will photograph you paramotoring & make sure you’re flying at a safe altitude.

To see the Jodhpur yellow dune, you must be at a significant height.

All older adults are encouraged to pursue adventure through this activity. The glide will be managed by the craft’s pilot to ensure your total comfort and safety.

The best way to go to Sam Sand Dunes while paramotoring

The finest location to enjoy Jaisalmer’s Paramotoring is Sam Sand Dunes, which is located 42 kilometers away in the Thar Desert. If you’re traveling from the main city, an SUV is the best method for getting to the dunes. It won’t take you over 40 or 50 mins to get to the location of your adventure trip. On the route to the dunes, you might also arrange a camel ride to take in the stunning splendor of the undercity.

Visitors must partake in the adventure activity of paramotoring when visiting Jaisalmer. It was the most ideal activity to quench your hunger for exploration and adventures.

Advice about Paramotoring

To avoid uncomfortable when gliding through the air whilst paramotoring in Jaisalmer, ensure you are appropriately attired.

When taking photos during the tour, use extreme caution.

If you even slightly feel queasy, tell your pilot.

During your trip, avoid consuming or consuming any that is too substantial.

An exciting adventure activity to partake in is paramotoring, which is available in Jaisalmer. This sport of motorized paragliding provides breathtaking aerial vistas of the golden dunes.

The desire to soar through the skies is true if you partake in the This lasts for about a minute, during which you are followed by a pilot who manages the glide to keep comfortable. You can use Here is take beautiful shots and hilarious selfies. of the sandy beaches.

A visit to Sam Ut Dunes Dunes in Jaipur, which is 42 kilometers from the undoubtedly the best way to experience the beauty of the deserts from the sky. This isn’t just the most thrilling thing to do in Jodhpur, together with an It’s perfect for anyone looking for a memorable experience

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