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Jaisalmer is a beautiful border city lying on the western end of the country offering plenitude of things to do and places to visit for tourists across the world.

When looking for conditioning to do in Jaisalmer, you’ll find something to do for everyone. However, also a camel safari in the Thar desert is for you, If you like the wilderness.However, a trip to the remains of Kuldhara is a must-have, If you’re more interested in the history of the region. 

Here are some best Jaisalmer camping destinations. Camping at Sam Sand Stacks, Camel Safari, Visit Jaisalmer Fort, voyaging at Gadisar Lake, Visit Kuldhara, supplicate at Tanot Mata Mandir, Visit the Famous Bhang Lassi Shop, Visit the Salim Singh ki Haveli, Explore the Patwon ki Haveli, Visit Khaba Fort, Visit Tazia Tower, Sunset at Vyas Chhatri, Visit Longewala War Memorial and numerous further. 

 Camping at Sam Sand Stacks 

Sam Sand Stacks offer an indelible experience in the heart of the Thar Desert where you can chamber in luxurious lodgment , girdled by the dramatic beauty of the desert. Located at about 40 kilometres from the Jaisalmer megacity center, the camping point gives the feeling of an oasis or an old vill Qasba with several canopies placed one coming to the other. 

 Then, you can enjoy stargazing at night, go on desert safaris, light a campfire and enjoy a camel lift. So many variety of wildlife are present in desert and it can be spotted on a desert safari. 


 Camel Safari 

 Jaisalmer has a plethora of Camel Safari option, There are numerous well- known beach drift spots where you can enjoy a thrilling camel lift into thedesert.However, also you can arrange for a safari in the lower- known corridor of the Thar desert, If you want someplace more isolated. 


 You can witness the changing shapes of the beach stacks, wild insects and creatures of the desert and also the different tinges of the sky as the day goes on. You can choose to chamber overnight, enjoy stargazing and also wake up beforehand for a stirring daylight before you head back to the megacity and it’s most unique effects to see in Jaisalmer. 


 Visit Jaisalmer Fort 


 A visit to the Jaisalmer Fort is something that you’ll find in every Jaisalmer diary. It’s one of the only many ‘ living castles ’ in the entire world as a considerable portion of the megacity’s population still lives in and around it. Its beauty and nobility make it the crowning glory of the Golden City.  Visiting the stronghold is one of the most popular conditioning in Jaisalmer and people spend an entire day in this ancient stronghold which dates back to the 1156 announcement. The main entrance of the stronghold takes callers through four huge gateways which take you through the massive sandstone structure. Outside, you’ll find the Raj Mahal Palace, multitudinous Jain tabernacles which date between the 12th and the 16th centuries. Also inside the stronghold is an old Hindu tabernacle and multitudinous trafficker Havelis that depict the stunning old armature of the area. 



 sailing at Gadisar Lake 

 sailing at the graphic Gadisar Lake is one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer if you love being on the water! This is an artificial lake which is positioned in the heart of the city, making it an ideal place to escape the bustle of the megacity. girding the lake are several Hindu tabernacles and ghats where you can enjoy the alluring music of the evening Aarti as you ride your boat. In layoffs, the boat rides come indeed more beautiful as you can spot several species of migrant catcalls at the lake that come from the near Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. 


 Visit The Abandoned Village, Kuldhara 

 About 15 kilometres down from Jaisalmer is an abandoned Indian village, which narrates inspiring and fascinating tales. This destination is known as Kuldhara. The village, which looks more like a city, was formerly known for its large population. trippers who wish to imagine a world through its remains are recommended to visit the abandoned vill of Kuldhara. 


 The thoroughfares then were wide and designed beautifully, the agreement then was planned. Aesthetics were kept in mind,construction of this village. Though abandoned now, earages, tabernacles, step wells and other structures were constructed then in large figures. 

While travelling through this abandoned village, excursionists will hear the legend that describes why townies left this agreement. According to this legend, the minister of the ruling area was evil and wished to marry the youngish son of a village chief. He forced him to marriage and gave him a deadline. spooked, the chief called upon a meeting of chiefs from 84 townlets located hard and it was decided that the entire population of Kuldhara would leave, so that the honour of the chief’s son could be defended. 


 Today, this story is reflective of the fact that chiefs and Rajput soldiers during those times kept their honour at the loftiest position. Their respect and tone regard was so important that an entire vill decided to leave their homes and settle away so that the youthful son of the chief could be defended from the evil clutches of the minister from the ruling area. This indicates how gallant Rajasthani people are.  Moment the remains of this vill are a sightseer point, giving trippers the occasion to suppose and understand what happed centuries agone. 


 supplicate at Tanot Mata Temple 

 positioned at a distance of 122 kilometres from Jaisalmer stronghold, this tabernacle is considered as a reincarnation of Goddess Hinglaj. There are numerous stories shrouded around this tabernacle during the Indo- Pakistan war in 1965, stories reciting that the tabernacle stood unharmed indeed after being under attack with heavy losers and shelling and it’s one of the effects to do in Jaisalmer

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