Mountain Bikes About Clipless Pedals

A complete mountain bike consists of many MTB-Teile, including mountain bike pedals. Mountain bike pedals include flat pedals and clip pedals.

What Are Clip Pedals?

Clip pedals require special shoes compared to flat pedals. The plates (cleats) attached to the soles snap into corresponding mounts on the pedals. Handling these pedals should be well practiced, otherwise serious injuries can occur if used incorrectly.

What Types of Clip Pedals Are There?

Clip pedal come in two different systems: mountain bikes and road bikes. The pedals of MTBs as well as touring and trekking bikes have the same snap system: the sole has two frames to which the cleats are attached.

How Do Clip Pedals Work?

The shoe is usually engaged and disengaged by a spring mechanism on the pedal. Pushing forward and down locks the rail into place. It is usually triggered by external rotation of the heel. One foot should have been clicked before driving.

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