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DS Emulator for PC

DS Emulator for PC – The gaming world today has undergone a revolutionary change. The gaming experience has become more glamorous and challenging as well, with the advent of open-world, high definition animation games.

But, no matter how developed and adventurous today’s gaming scenario has become, we definitely love to play those fun-filled Nintendo DS games of yesteryear. So if you want to play Nintendo DS games, then there are multiple emulators available in the market. If you wonder which emulator will be the best for you, let us extend some help!

DS Emulator for PC

DS Emulator for PC

DeSmuMe emulator: 

Do you want the best DS emulator for yourself? Then you should definitely use this emulator. It allows you to play all the Nintendo DS titles with much ease and comfort. It is open to improvement. Now and then, the emulator comes up with an update that improves it functioning a bit more. There are multiple exciting features that the emulator offers to gamers.

With this emulator, you can easily customize the graphics and settings as per your PC’s configuration. The free emulator enables you to play your favorite Nintendo DS games on your Mac or Windows PC.

RetroArch emulator: 

This all-in-one emulator allows you to play the titles of different consoles like SNES, DSi, MAME, NES, and whatnot. It comes with a really easy to use interface. The developers keep coming up with improving features. The emulator supports different screen layouts as well as a joystick, thus enhancing your gaming experience. This excellent emulator offers several other features, for instance, rewinding, response times, run ahead, blind accessibility features, etc. The emulator supports multiple platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.

MelonDS emulator:

This is another DS emulator that supports all the titles of Nintendo DS. With this emulator, you can easily connect through Wi-Fi and enjoy all those multiplayer games. By using the hardware resources of your PC, the MelonDS emulator offers accurate and swift emulation. You will get to enjoy some most exciting features like OpenGL renderer, local multiplayer, 3D upscaling, and so on. The emulator is quite good at rendering 2D and 3D games. It offers enhanced performance at high-quality resolutions. You can use this emulator for your Linux and Windows PC. This open-source emulator comes absolutely for free.

Citra emulator:

If you love to play the 3DS titles, Citra will be a perfect choice. It offers some of the most remarkable features that can enhance your gaming experience. You can play old games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon with utmost ease and comfort. The emulator also gives you the freedom to adjust the graphic resolution up to 4K according to your PC. External controllers can be used with this emulator. Also, it supports cheat code, joystick, and screen layout. The emulator also allows you to play multiplayer games through a Wi-Fi connection and use an in-house screen recorder feature.

No$GBA emulator:

This is undoubtedly an astounding emulator for Nintendo DS. The graphic quality is too good. It comes with a plethora of features. Even if you have a low-end PC or old computer, this emulator will enable you to play the titles quickly. The emulator supports cheat-codes, save state as well as the joystick. With the help of this emulator, you can even run Nintendo DS homebrew. You can use this emulator for the Windows operating system. The emulator is capable of offering high speed and low memory usage. It allows you to download multiple ROMs of NDS titles.

NeonDS emulator:

With this emulator, you will be able to play almost all the titles quite easily. You can use it if you are looking for an emulator that offers accuracy and high performance. Users find it exceedingly comfortable to use as it has a user-friendly interface. The emulator comes with an open-source freeware program. You can use this emulator to play your favorite commercial games as well. By making a few tweaks in the settings, you can get good quality graphics. This emulator is available for Windows PC.

iDeas emulator:

This is again a very efficient emulator. You can customize the features as per your requirements. The emulator enables gamers to play all the games with ease and convenience. The graphics that it offers are of top-notch quality. Regular updates keep flowing in, thereby removing the slightest chance of bugs and errors. It keeps on improving with every update. It is a freeware program, so you need not spend a penny for using it.

Project64 emulator:

This is one of the finest emulators for playing Nintendo DS on a Windows PC. It supports ZIP files, can run different types of ROMs, and it is easy to decompress the ZIP files. The joystick support allows us to enjoy the game all the more brilliantly. The video, as well as audio quality, is too good. Also, the emulator offers to save and load states. You can play your favorite titles using this emulator. Developers keep bringing updates to enhance this freeware program.

DuoS emulator:

This one is a simple emulator with which you can play old, classic Nintendo DS games. It is a generic emulator, so do not expect much advancement from it. Windows PC users love to use this emulator. If you are a novice, you should try your hands on this emulator as it comes with a plain and simple user interface. You will never come across any bugs or technical issues or even virus infection.


This is a front-end software that offers a stunningly streamline the user interface. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. It is an all-in-one emulator. It provides controlled support to Switch Pro, Wiimote, DualShock, and so on. Also, it comes with features like save states, cheat codes, screen layout options, and so on.


We hope you benefit from this article. You can try any of the emulators to play some fantastic titles of Nintendo DS on your PC. We hope you have a great time playing the old, classic games. If you like this article, share it with someone who is a gamer and may be interested in reading something like this.

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