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GBC Emulator

GBC Emulator – The gamers needed more realistic and advanced gaming experience, and many companies are still working towards it. Usually, gaming consoles are classified based on generations.

As of now, considering the PS5 and Xbox Series X, they are the 10th generation consoles because of the features and specs they offer. Nintendo is also one of the oldest and best electronics and Video Games Company, initiated in 1889 and still satisfying people. The Nintendo Switch is the latest console of Nintendo, and it comes under the 9th generation. Now you may know why we classify consoles based on generation.

GBC Emulator

The best handheld consoles of the 80s’ and 90s’ are Game Boy and GameBoy Color, also called GB and GBC. These are just 8-bit consoles, and they come under 4th generation. The games in these consoles are classic and fun, and there are still many people trying to play these games through emulators. The Game Boy Color (GBC) Emulators bring all the classic games to one place. Currently, there are many GBC Emulators available online for different platforms, but some are best and recommended by many people.

6 Best GBC Emulators:

 People liked the GBC because it is portable and easy to take to every place like mobile phones. So people started to download GBC Emulator on their phones to get similar gaming experiences. The six best GBC Emulator that people prefer are:


If you look into many reviews, GBC.emu will be one among the best in the list because it is open-source and available to everyone. It is easy to use and access. The player can also play in both orientations based on the game’s controls and change whenever required. Some people like actual games and some like to change the settings. The player can use cheat codes and alter the game as desired, i.e., if you want unlimited life, you can use the respective code and get it. It also allows connecting controllers to play the games. It does not support the 128k file format from other devices, so you cannot get your saved game data again.

My OldBoy!

It is similar to GBC.emu but has some more additional features. My OldBoy! Supports Link Cable access by which you can connect more than one device to the game. It is like a multiplayer option for classic games like Pokémon and Mario. But many people reported that it is not working correctly, and there might be some bug issues. People expect a resolved, new version of the app in the next update. The tilt sensors can also perform the movement controls of the game, which gives real Nintendo experience. Also, the player can save the game anytime so that the data will never be lost. You can also connect respective controllers to the app. The player can use cheat codes to make the games even more fun. Next time, if you are struggling to solve a mission, use unlimited life and health cheat to pass it.

John GBC

If you feel that these emulators consume more internet, then John GBC might be your solution. Yes, you can play the games without the internet connection, and there are no interruptions of ads. It supports a variety of gaming controllers, thereby increasing the scope of usage. If you are short in-game money to purchase your favorite, then use the cheat codes and get it. There are no restrictions on game codes. You can also increase the speed of the gameplay as per your needs. Unfortunately, the player could never see the usage of memory, which might lead to other problems. People recommend John GBC because there are only limited ad-free emulators, and it is the best in this aspect.

Game Play Color

It is a JavaScript version of the GBC emulator for ios and iPad users. It downloads as a web-clip so that you can play the classical Nintendo games on your devices. There are not many GBC emulators that support ios, which makes Game Play Color quite useful and unique. It supports all the games of GB and GBC. The interface varies from other emulators, but it is easy to navigate through the web.


It is similar to other emulators, but everyone wonders why many people suggest it as the best. RetroArch is popular because of its ability to connect with many different controllers and consoles. You can join other joysticks and gamepads as required because RetroArch supports it. It is also called a multi-console gaming app because it has all GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance games. RetroArch is the perfect destination to find all the favorite classical Nintendo games in one place.

ClassicBoy Gold

Not all the emulators are free. Some needs are purchased at a specific price. ClassicBoy Gold is available as both a free and paid version. The games are limited for free users, and also the premium is affordable. It includes games from GB, GBC, GBA, Sega, PlayStation, and NES. The only collection of all the classical games from the consoles of the older generation. You can use the premium version of ClassicBoy Gold instead of getting different consoles. There are no updates for some time, and now it is expected to receive new updates and features soon.

These are considered the six best GBC Emulators over others, but people’s preference varies from each other. It is recommended for new users to try these apps; otherwise, they can also try other similar GBC Emulators.

Other Emulators

The emulators mentioned above are supported only by Android and some by ios. It does not stop here. Other emulators support different platforms like Windows, Java, and more. Sameboy, BGB, mGBA, Gambatte, Gearboy, GBA4IOS, and MeBoy are available online and free to use. All these Emulators are promoting the old classic games, and they are designed in such a way to provide a similar gaming experience. Even in this 10th generation gaming world, some people still love to play these classics. If you are one of them, then don’t wait and get to play your favorite game now using these emulators.

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