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Drastic DS Emulator Apk, for PC Full Version Free Download

Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator – The possibility of seeing any man on a street with a smartphone is close to 100%. Because of the Android operating system’s increasing capabilities, smartphones have become a necessity, then a luxury a few years back. The massive power these small machines have, and slowly and steadily, the hardware is also getting close to a desktop/ laptop.

A major attraction of these devices has been playing games of any size, graphics, and dimensions. But there are a few classic games those game lovers would love to get their hands on like super Mario, Contra, pokemon red. But is it possible to play these games in your android setup? Yes, thanks to the Drastic DS emulator, a version of the Nintendo Android emulator, this has been made possible. This can be downloaded from the device search engine typing ‘Drastic Ds emulator apk,’ or searching for a Drastic DS emulator on Google Play. This is available for $7.99.

Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator

The Drastic DS emulator is possibly one of the best Nintendo android emulators on the market.

The best and simple part of this is that the user does not have to go through any hackles of rooting the phone before using the emulator.

Gaming experience

The Drastic DS emulator offers and guarantees to provide a worthy gaming experience never had before. This is packed with a lot of features to ease the gameplay. The adaptability and sensitivity are well taken care of. You can apply customizations to the settings and controls. Encounter better game rendering, high-quality graphics, and also the ability to use external controllers on your android device. A striking feature that separates the DS emulator from the rest of the Nintendo android emulators is its option to save progress in a game using the google drive as well.

Graphic Display

You can increase the 3D resolution of them anytime you wish. The apk version of the emulator promises for a more beautiful graphic display. With the top smartphones, the experience is bound to be better because of the excellent hardware that comes with it for graphic rendering.

Driver support

The Drastic DS emulator is not yet built to support iOS devices, so it is an android only compatible emulator. The ranges of android version where the emulator can be used vary from android 2.3 gingerbread to android 6.0 Marshmallow. The updates are always around the corner to support the newer and latest versions of android.


To set up the Drastic DS emulator on your device, you will have to drop the BIOS file from the Nintendo DS into your phone storage. This file will be available to you from the NDs system once you buy the emulator from google play. For the apk version, there are ways to get the BIOS file from an expensive third-party or through other google Android users, the latter not being strictly legal.

Adding games

This is the challenging part of this whole endeavour. An emulator is of no use if there are no games for it to play. The game’s ROM file has to be downloaded directly or indirectly and stored through to your smartphone to add a game to the emulator.

For downloading the ROM file, you have to search for the game by adding ‘ROM’ at the end of the game name. For example, if you wish to download Contra, you have to search for ‘Conta ROM’ on your search engine. From the relative outputs, please choose one of them and download it.

After you have downloaded and stored the ROM file onto the phone storage, you can open the DS emulator. The emulator will search the games file, tap on the game, and it will be ready to play. Adding further games go through the same process, as explained in this paragraph above.

If the emulator could not find the game file automatically, you have to search the file from the exact location manually; it has been saved. If the problem persists, you have to understand that the file is corrupt and look up the search engine for a better file.


The Nintendo Ds has a dual-screen setup of its own. Portraying this on the interface of a single screen is difficult. Fortunately, the Drastic Ds emulator has already given a considerable amount of thought on this matter and come up with six distinct window modes for the two emulated screens.

As a default, the views for both the screens are placed side by side and are kept equally large. The options include changing one screen to big and the other one too small, and vice versa—there also options for stacked view and full-screen views. There is an assigned button to change the modes at any time at your will. However, this article recommends the portrait stacked mode as the best one through some of a few players’ gaming experiences.

Controls and other Functionalities

The emulator lets you control all the gaming necessities via its virtual inputs and the emulated touch screen. A pop-up menu is available to activate the stylus mode; this makes the virtual controls disappear and gives the touchscreen’s complete experience anytime you want. The emulator’s mapping function is very quick to adjust, and it works equally well with any hardware control you have.

The settings can be easily customized by changing the way you want your visuals and audio. It also comes with support for cheat code, opacity, skipping frames, an FPS meter, and a few more features to make gaming easy and worth every second. You can change the different profile details as well to recreate your gaming menu.


So, what’s your take on a drastic ds emulator? We’ve listed the ways to use and benefits of the Drastic Ds emulator. The only negative that can be addressed is the lack of a multiplayer option. Otherwise, its features are top-notch and make for exciting gameplay. If you’ve liked this article, do share it with someone who may be looking for a Drastic DS emulator.

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