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Best Nes Emulator

Best Nes Emulator – Since its release in 1985, The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has been a game changer in gaming consoles. Even after 3 decades, NES’s popularity is still going strong, with a renewed interest among people for retro games of that time.

With a vast library of games, NES truly enjoys a place in the hearts of gamers worldwide. Even though they have been discontinued in production, you can still enjoy the 90’s feel easily. And that’s where these NES emulators come into the picture.

Best Nes Emulator

Best Nes Emulator

We are now going to list 10 best NES emulators you can download on your operating system in 2020 to play all those original games which you have loved till now. From PC to Android, and from macOS to Linux, this list contains 10 emulators compatible with all sorts of operating systems for a multi-platform run.

Here are the 10 Best NES Emulators:

  1. Nintendulator

Operating System: Windows

Written in C++, Nintendulator is one of the most ACCURATE NES emulators you can get for your windows system. It is an open-source Win32 NES emulator written to emulate the NES further down to its hardware peculiarities. It has recently changed the PPU, which has been recreated with more precision, followed by CPU changes where it was rewritten to execute programs more accurately, and in the APU as well. It requires a CPU with at least 1500MHz to emulate at full speed. Also, it can support file formats such as.NES, NUIF, FDS, and NSF.

  1. Higan Emulator


Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux, Free

Higan is an open-source, free emulator created for multiple video gaming consoles like Super Nintendo. It comes with multiple platform support with full-screen resolution and impeccable sound support as well. It even has introduced unique Game Folders options, which is a highlight of this emulator. It was created for documentation of hardware in the source code form, meaning it is as accurate as other emulators in the range. Higan easily supports systems like Famicom, Game Boy, Super Famicom, Game Gear, SuperGraf, MSX, among many others. You will find Cheats, input settings, and SRAM stored in the game.

  1. Mesen


Operating System: Windows, Linux

Mesen is an open-source (GPLv3) Famicom and Famicom Disk System emulator. It is another highly accurate NES emulator that offers many great features to impress you easily. Though it is still available in beta version, it can easily save states, apply video recording, offer netplay (for online gaming), debugging tools, rewinding, overclocking, and different cheat codes and HD packets. It easily supports every licensed game on the NES. You can even create different sound effects with this emulator that rivals many great emulators in the range.

  1. FCEUX

Operating System: PC, Linux, Mac

FCEUX is one of the most popular NES emulators written in C++. Evolved from the original FCE Ultra emulator, it is very easy to download and operate. You’ll just be required to install the FCEUX emulator and open in the supported ROM. It is loaded with many great specs like debugging tools, rom-hacking, map making, Lua scripting, and tool-assisted features offering speedruns. You can use FCEUX for more than just playing a retro game as this ‘all-in-one’ emulator will give your spot-on accurate emulation with both casual and advanced playing options.

  1. Nestopia UE


Operating System: Android, PC

Another open-source Famicom (NES) and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator like Mesen is this emulator known as Nestopia UE (Undead Edition). Written in C++, it offers a spectacular display of graphics with new features like texture scaling, netplay, and TV filters. Even though it has been 10 years since the development of Nestopia ‘Core’ has stopped, it still stands as one of the most compatible and widely regarded emulators. Nestopia UE is the new edition of the source code and is highly portable with multiple OS support like Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Windows, macOS. It also comes with a libretro port.

  1. NES

 Operating System: Android

Nostalgia NES is truly made for all mobile users as it is a highly portable and trustworthy emulator designed using FCEUX, another great NES emulator.

Developed by Nostalgia developers, it is supported to download for Nintendo as well. You’ll need to download the emulator on your device (microSD card is a must) to load it in the ROM easily to work on cross platforms successfully. NES can be accessed only on You can play multiple games on the various platforms, all thanks to its portability. It supports save states, rewinding, and accurately emulates games like NES Zapper Games.

  1. JNES

 Operating System: Windows, Android

JNES is an emulator designed for the 8-bit NES and boasts an intuitive user interface available in 20 languages through translation. Whether you want to play games or record video files, JNES will do all of it with great precision. It offers emulation facilities that are way ahead than what other emulators are offering right now. Apart from instant saves and movie recording, JNES also has other cool features like Pro-Action replay and Game Genie cheats. What’s more, you can even shuffle between full screen or windowed mode, take screenshots, record movies, and even do netplay.

  1. BizHawk

Operating System: Windows

BizHawk is a multi-platform emulator that is created around Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TAS). It comes with a full re-recording facility and Lua scripting. BizHwak lays its focus on accurate core performance and power-user tools facilities for the easy-to-play casual gaming experience. With TAS, the players are going to feel like they have aced the game, all due to features like cheats, frame-by-frame advancements, save states, which create a controller key-presses for the players. With Bizwawk, you are bound to finish the game in the fastest way possible.

  1. OpenEmu

Operating System: macOS

For all those people with a mac operating system looking for a multi-system emulator, OpenEmu is ideal for you. Though initially designed as a port for NEX/Famicom Nestopics emulator back in 2007, OpenEmu now fully functions as a separate emulator. Boasting an intuitive UI, it is easy to use and teams up with the macOS effortlessly. It supports multiple input methods, has different filters for enhancing visuals, and can be easily run on even older versions of macOS.

  1. emu

 Operating System: Android

Last on our list is the NES.emu emulator that is capable of running on any Android device having at least a 1GHz processor. With this Android emulator, you will be receiving opportunities to create a backup, saving states, on-screen multi-touch control options, and cheat support. It promises an authentic NES gaming experience by presenting support for Bluetooth/ USB gamepad and a keyboard that you can use to connect with the retro controller easily. It allows users to play games in landscape orientation too.


 With this list of best NES Emulators, you must now be sure which emulator to pair up with your operating system.  There are tons of great NES emulators being created now and then, but these 10 emulators surely deserve the spot they have earned in our article. These emulators are specially created to give you a feel of the games that occupy a special place in your heart. To install them and get the same retro vibe while playing NES games.

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