7 Android Apps You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

You may have just got your hands on a brand-new Android phone. The excitement of unboxing new tech is always one of the best feelings. Now you may be looking for apps to spice up your phone a little.

No matter what the model, your Android phone is most likely accessible for all the apps on the Google Play Store. With a truckload of apps being developed often, it can be hard to filter out ones that you could potentially love. Here’s a list of apps that you should definitely consider downloading to make it easier for you.

1. LastPass

First things first, you would need to protect the personal information saved on your phone; LastPass does just that. You’re highly encouraged not to create an easy password like your birth date and to avoid using the same password across all sites you log in to. This app helps you overcome the issue of remembering the countless passwords you create.

Or, in this case, you don’t even have to create one. Instead, LastPass generates a complex and randomized password for you which makes it even harder to get hacked. Upon generating the new password, the app encrypts and stores said password for future automatic logins. 

2. WhatsApp

These days, people rarely use the pre-installed Messages app to communicate. Unless you have a special phone plan that entails free text messages, why pay when you can text your social circle for free? If, in any case, you don’t use WhatsApp already, it’s time for you to give it a try. WhatsApp has all the features you need to connect with those around you. For example, the audio and video call features on the app are made for Android phone users to conveniently contact one another.

Plus, WhatsApp has a status feature where you can share updates of your day or anything that interests you. But most importantly, the customizable privacy settings and the end-to-end chat encryption make the app safer than ever. WhatsApp also has a business account option where you can insert your catalog for potential customers’ easy access.

3. Canva

Whether it’s for making cards for an upcoming baby shower or compiling a video for a loved one’s birthday, Canva gets the job done. The design platform provides a wide variety of templates you can use for almost any event or theme you can think of. If you want to get really creative, you can even start your own project on a completely blank page. 

With the student account option, this app is useful for students in designing posters for extracurricular activities or making presentation slides. The ability to add other users to collaborate on a project makes group projects almost seamless. Plus, you can see the edits made in real-time and even add notes and comments to each slide.

4. Spotify


Spotify is arguably one of the best music streaming services. The app doesn’t only provide personalized playlists based on your listening activity, but it also allows you to create your own and explore playlists curated by others too. Additionally, Spotify can even merge and calculate the compatibility of your listening activity with a listener of your choice.

Even the search feature is impressive; Merely typing in the lyrics shows you the song title you’re finding for. But the biggest driving factor for streaming your favorite tunes has to be the year-end Spotify Wrapped. It is interesting to review your listening statistics for the year as well as check out what others have been listening to.

5. What Can I Spend?

As its name suggests, What Can I Spend helps you keep track of your spending and notifies you about how much you have left to spare? With this bookkeeping app, you can enter your expenditure and view your monthly financial breakdowns on the go. According to NextPit, this app’s premium feature is free for most likely a limited time from now. So, be sure to check it out while it’s still available.

6. Out of Milk

Out of Milk is the icon you click on when… well when you’re out of milk. One of the best things about Out of Milk, apart from its clever name, is the fact that it categorizes your grocery list. But it gets better; Instead of the usual typing-in and voice recognition method, you can also add your grocery list by scanning the product’s barcodes.

It is simple to navigate and uses the color-coding technique to ease your next trip to the grocery store. Moreover, the app allows you to input prices, tax rates, and units of the said product you need to purchase for added detail. On top of that, it can be a collaborative list. This way, you don’t accidentally buy something on the list that was already bought by someone else at home.

7. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a one-stop app for all your emailing tasks. It takes away the hassle of jumping from one email platform to another. Instead, you can access any of your email accounts on several platforms through just one app.   

Additionally, Blue Mail is able to sync your calendar from multiple email accounts into one. This way, you get to easily access your schedule without going back and forth with calendars from different email accounts. This app changes the way you view schedules. Now you’re less likely to double book your commitments.

It’s fun to download and try out the features of various apps. But it’s more than that; these apps can improve the quality of your life. So, feel free to browse through the app store for more good finds.

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