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Most college students have smartphones used to contain vast information about assignments, deadlines, and class information. To add to the flexibility of keeping track of tasks, you can use many mobile apps in college to have an easy time balancing your school tasks and life. Based on students’ varying needs, you will have to determine your needs to establish the mobile apps that best meet your needs. Domyhomework123 is meant to broaden your knowledge about the best mobile applications you will need during college to have an easy time with your studies. 

The right app must help you manage your time well, develop your organization skills, and help with assignments. To determine the best apps, you should go through the reviews and search for the number of downloads to see fitness to your needs. You can consult with your classmates to determine the best apps from their experience. Best on your research, you will decide which app is best for you from among the ones discussed on the website that experts in education technology have highly recommended.

AnkiMobile Flashcards is a flashcard app that can support multimedia together with scientific markup based on its website.  The flashcard is free when you have an Android gadget; otherwise, it costs $25 for iOS in App Store.

  • Blackboard App

Blackboard App is one of the top-rated management systems used in learning in many United States colleges.  You can access your coursework through the app meant for the online class. It has virtual components that enable you also to access the coursework for in-person courses. Through the app, you can do tests and assignments and view your grades. 

  • Duolingo 

Duolingo is the world’s most popular app when it comes to learning a new language. It has over 35 languages and can help you to learn how to speak, read, listen, write a new language in proper grammar using the correct vocabulary. You can view some learning materials offline or subscribe to the free version depending on the level of learning you intend to achieve. The app has grown to be used in testing English proficiency in some colleges in the United States.

  • Canvas Student

Canvas Student app allows you to access your coursework and provides a platform to hand in your assignments and view your grades.  Based on your college, you will need to use Canvas or Blackboard app.

  • Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most suitable app that will enable you to schedule events that may be school-based or personal. You are also able to create reminders and perform other functions. 

  • Evernote

Evernote app provides a task management and note-taking system that enables syncing across various devices.  You are also able to create your to-do lists and use a digital camera to digitize your documents. The app is free, but the premium form of the app will cost you &70 annually. 

  • Google Drive

GoogleDrive app enables you to write your term paper flexibly across various gadgets quickly. You are also able to collaborate by sharing documents by students in your class more efficiently and fast. It also provides free Google Cloud storage services.  

  • MindMeister

MindMeister app helps with the generation of idea maps. You can use it for project planning, taking notes, or managing meetings. Basic MindMeister is free, but in case you need a personal or business account, you could pay between $5 and $12.49. 

  • Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference manager and a PDF reader app that will give you the ability to highlight or annotate materials in PDF format. You can also generate references for your research and search for information in the online library provided. It provides the first 2GB storage space for free, and in case you seek additional capacity, you are required a small fee to enjoy the app. 

  • MyLifeOrganized

MyLifeOrganized app allows you to divide a task into sections that make it accomplishable. You can schedule activities for the day and sort through items that need priority action. You can use the free version or the premium version, depending on what you choose. 

  • Quizlet

Quizlet is a flashcard app that provides you with tools meant to aid in the memorization of concepts. You can create a deck that can be shared with other students using the app.  

There are many free student apps in the software market from which you can choose to make your college experience smooth and less stressful. You may also seek the apps that charge fees if you search for a more advanced learning experience or lack access to the material you need in the already existing apps. You could also consider downloading various types and use based on the features it provides, as reliance on one app may not be reliable enough to ensure all your learning needs are taken care of. Remember also to seek legitimate apps and adhere to the academic integrity requirements to avoid providing assignments that may result in cancellation of your exams due to having academic integrity issues, majorly plagiarism. 

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