Best Emulator for Android, PC, Windows 10, Mac, Free Download

Best Emulator for Android, PC, Windows 10, Mac, Free Download

Best Emulator for Android – There are several uses of emulators. The first and most common use is for gaming purposes. Gamers can use emulators for experiencing amazing gameplay, and the second use of the emulator is for development.

The emulator can be used for checking android apps or games before its launch. The third use of the emulator is for productivity. This is not common use, but emulators used for productivity.

Best Emulator for Android, PC, Windows 10, Mac, Free Download

Best Emulator for Android, PC, Windows 10, Mac, Free Download

There are many brands available for emulators, as mentioned below.

Android studio’s emulator:


 It is a default development console for android. This emulator comes with a bunch of features to help developers to make apps and games for android. The setup is rather complicated, and it requires more time. Thus, it not suitable for consumer-level use. Developers can use this tool for checking their apps.

Archon: This is not a kind of traditional emulator, but you can install it as a Google Chrome extension. It then gives the ability to run android apps and games also. It is not easy but helps in such manners for developers. It can work with any operating system that can run an instance of chrome.

Bliss OS: 


This emulator is a little bit different than others, and it works like an android emulator for PC via a virtual machine. It can also just run on your computer through the USB stick.USB installation is quite difficult with this emulator, but it lets your computer run android natively from the boot.



This is the mainstream of all android emulators. There are many features available in this emulator, which makes it best than others. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. It works well to date with its updated version. It targets mobile gamers, but it can be a little bloated at times.



It is also known as Tencent gaming buddy for gaming emulators. It is good enough for gaming purposes. It runs the most favorite game of today’s generation that is PUBG mobile. It has several features that make it best. This is not so much useful for productivity and development. Keyboard control and the performance of the emulator are good.



 It is available with paid options, and it is one of the good options if you need an emulator for gaming purposes. It is mostly for developers. It provides testing apps on various devices without owning them. It is not suitable for consumer users. It can be available on both your desktop and the cloud.

LD player:


 It is another emulator available for a gamer, which has many features to use. It has good keyboard mapping controls and support for the latest games. It gives decent experience, and it also supports other games like clash of clans, PUBG mobile, etc.



 This is another emulator that seems quite well for gamers. It supports both AMD and Intel chipsets, and that’s why it is best than others. It is very usable as a productivity tool.



 this is also the best emulator for android. This includes the usual stuff like others. It can keymap gesture controls. It is free and in active development. This is one of the best inventions for an android gaming system.

Phoenix OS:


 It is free and usable for its purpose. This emulator used by many peoples. It gives boasts gaming experience. It also contains google play services. Anyone can download the emulator from its official website.



It is a kind of standout emulator for androids. Anyone can download it from its website as a partition on your computer. We can also use it for productivity. It contains functions of the gaming center, supports mouse and keyboard.

Remix OS player: 


This is newest in the emulator’s space.it can run an android marshmallow and can be useful for games. It is a clean emulator with a customizing toolbar.



This emulator is similar to android studio. Only the difference is, it can be plugged into things like Microsoft visual studio for development. The setup is easy for regular use. It is not so much power like some of the emulators, but it will get the job done easily.



 This is one of the older emulators for PC. Its been around for a long time. The last update was in 2016. It’s free to use and easily available. There are no major issues that occur while using this emulator. It does not provide any specific game feature, but it is still playing games, that makes is good.

Build your own:


anyone can build his own emulator, and it will work in a nutshell. By downloading Virtualbox, you can make your emulator.

Classic boy: 

It is one of the robust emulators for android. It supports multiple consoles. It works smoothly and helps to develop many things for android. It also supports load states and hardware controller support.

Dolphin emulator: 

It is an interesting browser that works with android. It is free and easy to use.



it is one of the best emulators as it works all in one emulator.and it is similar to a classic boy. It is easy to operate and works very well. It gives the best service when we buy its premium version, but without that subscription, it also works well with advertisements.



 This is from one of the popular PlayStation emulators. This more focused on the simplicity of the emulator. It easily loads ROM, and then it’s ready to go. It has many good features to use with the android system. It also works for keyboard customization.

The emulator can provide almost all of the capabilities of a real android device. It can specify the location of the device, which can be helpful in many situations. The emulator comes with configurations for various android phones.

Emulators can work flawlessly, and sometimes it will not work. It is helpful for new inventions in android mobiles. It supports many features. There are many valid reasons to use the emulator.


It is necessary to study the best emulators for android systems as it helps to improve work.

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