How to Protect Your Car’s Key Fob from Being Hacked

Although your key fob can be easily hacked, there is a simple way to prevent theft and break-ins. Image from the article How to Keep Your Car’s Key Fob Safe From Hacking. I was robbed twice in one night. It was my fault, I thought, but I didn’t lock the car after returning home. The alarm was not activated the next night so I locked it again. Although there was not much inside the car, it was still quite alarming. The windows weren’t broken so it is not surprising that someone managed to unlock the car with the keys. Let’s take a look at this article, crafted specifically by writing job online experts to help you to protect your car.

Since the car is brand new (we have only had it since April), I figured it was unlikely that someone had a matching key. A quick look through my neighbourhood Nextdoor and Facebook groups revealed that I was not the only one experiencing similar break-ins. Many suspect key fob hacking. After doing some research, I quickly found out that key fob hacking was a real thing. Signal boosting is one of the many methods. The boost, in this context, is not a way to boost important information on social networks. It means to steal a signal. Hackers could use a device to track your car and key fob into believing they are within close proximity. The phobias unlock signal is then sent without touching any buttons. While signal boosting is used to unlock cars, it can also be used to turn on keyless ignitions. Rolljamming is another remote key fob hack that records and spoofs your key fob unlock signal. 

However, they are much more difficult to do. All that is required to perform a signal booster is $20 worth of equipment. How to prevent thieves from signal-boosting your car fob. You can’t activate two-factor sign-ins or put anti-malware on the key fob. Block signals from reaching your key fob is the solution. You can do this in many ways, but the Faraday bag is the most reliable. The bags act as an electro-magnetic barrier, stopping signals from entering or leaving the bag. This is similar to the Faraday cagesa that the bags are named after. 

Online Faraday wallets, boxes, bags and bags are available at a fraction of the cost. You can keep your keys and other wireless devices in the bag when you are at home, especially at night. Even if you don’t have a Faradaybag, we recommend that your keys be kept in a metal object, such as a fridge or safe. However, it won’t block hacker signal boosting as well as a Faradaybag. Keep your keys close to your home while you are away. It will be harder for signals to reach your car the further your keys are away from it, as well as any walls or other obstacles between them. A Faraday bag can be combined with anti-theft devices like a steering wheel claw or security cameras to reduce the chance of someone breaking into your car and stealing it. Don’t forget to keep spare keys, fobs and garage door remotes or any other valuables in your car. If someone manages to break into your car (windows can be broken), they won’t find much to steal.

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