How Random Video Chatting Can Make You a More Creative Person

If you ask any random chat site about what they have to offer, you’ll get answers along the lines of “meet new people, make friends, and have fun!”. That’s certainly true, but it’s not the whole story. If you treat it as more than just a one-off way to kill some time, random video chatting can have practical, positive effects on your daily life.

How does this even work? If you’re spending time and chatting on Camgo, you could very well end up expanding your social skills, overall mindset, or even your views on certain topics that you’d never really examined before. Not everyone will feel like random video chatting is for them, but if you enjoy it and decide to stick around, you might end up experiencing some of the benefits mentioned below. It’s no big secret; you just have to keep your eyes peeled for learning opportunities, and that’s about it!

Learn new ways to think outside the box

Have you ever tried to plan a project, but your ideas just kept fizzling out? Maybe you’ve gotten to the halfway point on a long-term effort, and you’re not quite sure what to do next. As it happens, you can not only get opinions and advice from your fellow random chatters, but you can even get accidental inspiration from the people whose advice you probably won’t even follow. If you can see your own project from a fresh angle – even if it’s the wrong fresh angle – that could be all you needed to get your wheels turning again. 

That’s not all, though. The more you get used to this process, the less you’ll need it from other people – because you’ll eventually be able to do it on your own. Practice makes perfect, as they say. While you still might want to consult the random chats every once in a while, you could find yourself looking at subsequent projects from all different angles as you figure out which direction would work out best.

Uncover holes in your arguments with debates

“Being right” may not be an all-consuming priority for you, but it sure feels good. Not necessarily because you can win more arguments, although that can be a plus. It’s that you can exchange different opinions with people while being confident that you aren’t just repeating some half-remembered garble that you heard last week.

How do you discover the weak points in your arguments? The same way you discover weak points in anything else – you stress-test them! In this case, that would mean bringing up your opinions in a random video chat and having a good old-fashioned debate. You could find a bunch of people who actually agreed with you, but this is the internet – there’ll be plenty of people who don’t. Even though you’re essentially just arguing with a stranger online, try to keep it civil; you’ll have a more constructive experience that way. Tell your chat partner at the beginning of the chat what’s on your mind and ask if they’re interested in a debate, rather than just springing it on them. It’s just a technicality, but you’ll be able to avoid a lot of potential animosities this way. 

Discover new designs, styles, or tricks

Sometimes all you need is some plain old inspiration. Random video chats can be the person-to-person version of the millions of idea boards on Pinterest – you’re finding concepts that you can incorporate into your own stuff. Whether you’re working on some DIY furniture, a handmade gift for a friend’s housewarming party, or a technique for repairing the kitchen sink, random video chatters can be an awesome resource for your creative needs. 

If you feel like this is just ripping off other people’s ideas, that’s partly true – but then, you’re also “ripping off” everything you’ve learned from anybody else. Think about it this way: every Renaissance painter had his own unique style, but when you’re looking at one after the other, they do look awfully similar. Were they all using each other’s ideas, or were they just doing what they knew best? You might be working on a project that you want to be uniquely your own, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate elements from other sources. 

Develop your friendships differently

Creativity doesn’t just express itself in the way you design or make things; it can also make you more interesting as a person. With the right mindset, you could end up being more open to developing the potential in friendships that you might not have considered previously, instead of writing them off because you didn’t instantly connect. Or, you could find yourself putting a little more effort into the friendships you already have.

How do random video chats fit into the picture? Well, you’ll be meeting a lot more people online than you’d normally get the chance to meet in real life, and plenty of those people will probably end up stretching your communication skills. In addition to being a way to relax and be entertained, random chatting will also make you adjust to various situations that your normal social circles don’t provide. The more you put yourself into these new situations, the more flexible you’ll be in real life – and the better you’ll be able to develop relationships in general. 

Does any of this sound like something you could benefit from?

Random video chatting is a highly personalized process, so your experience will be unique to you. However, with millions of people logging onto random chat sites every day, it’s probably safe to assume that your experience will be a positive one.

Of course, you’ll run into a few jerks and maybe the occasional scammer, but that’s the internet for you. Just make liberal use of the “next chat” button, and you can focus on the more enjoyable interactions. With a little patience and a willingness to learn, you’d be surprised at just how much you can glean from random video chatting!

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