Moving to Tennessee? Consider Shipping Your Car for Less Hassle

No matter if it’s temporary or permanent, transporting your car can be costly. But could saving money be achieved through self-shipping your car instead? Understanding how costs are determined is the key to reaping maximum savings, while remaining flexible regarding pickup and delivery dates can yield additional savings.


When shipping your car to Tennessee, you want to ensure that it arrives safely. To do this, select an experienced auto transport company with a track record of on-time vehicle deliveries, has an excellent team of highly qualified professionals and an online shipping calculator can give an estimate of costs associated with shipment.

Once you have located an experienced and reputable company, research local reviews or ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Once you’ve located one you trust, contact them for a quote based on factors like distance and condition of vehicle being shipped. Keep in mind that pricing may depend on various aspects such as distance traveled.

Safety should also be an essential consideration when selecting an auto transport company. Make sure it has an established history, licensed insurance coverage and satellite tracking technology so you can keep an eye on its progress during transport.

Consideration must also be given to seasonality when selecting a company. Demand for these services tends to spike during summer, leading to higher costs and longer delivery times; weather conditions such as snowfall during the winter could further delay transit times and drive up costs.

Those moving to Tennessee for work may benefit from taking their vehicle directly to one of the company terminals and having it transported directly to your new residence. Although more costly than door-to-door auto transport in TN, this method could save time and stress as your child rides in their seat for hours on end. It’s worth looking into all options before making a decision.


When selecting a company to transport your vehicle, be certain that they can be trusted. Your car is one of the most precious possessions you own and needs to arrive safely at its destination. Luckily, there are plenty of reliable companies who provide safe and efficient auto transport; to find one you trust check online reviews or customer testimonials or ask friends and family. Once you find one, get multiple quotes before making your final decision.

Auto transport rates depend on several factors. An online shipping calculator can give an approximate estimate of costs; your vehicle type and pickup and delivery preferences will also affect cost estimates. Open or enclosed car transport may add extra costs depending on how it’s transported.

According to Move Buddha, open car transport is typically less costly but more risky for your vehicle than enclosed auto transport, as the latter provides better protection from weather, debris, and road hazards. Some car shipping services also offer additional interior/exterior coverage options which may cost extra – although these will typically incur extra fees.



When considering moving to Tennessee, many factors should be taken into account. These include its cost-of-living affordability, job prospects and educational opportunities as well as its weather and climate; Tennessee generally features mild winters with long, sunny summers.

Moving can be expensive, but you can save money by selecting a full-service mover and planning to move during off-peak months. Other factors influencing the cost of relocating to Tennessee may include type of move, time of year and distance to be moved.

Car shipping should also be factored into your decision; there are various options for car shipping including renting a truck, hiring a moving company and freight shipping services available to meet this need.


Shipping times depend on several factors, including your destination, distance of move and type of vehicle owned. Longer distances and larger vehicles tend to increase costs and time as do rural or hard-to-reach locations as well as fuel price fluctuations. A knowledgeable auto transport company will help you find the most competitive car shipping rates while ensuring safe arrival at its new home.

Tennessee has recently become an attractive relocation option, offering affordable housing, a strong economy, and plenty of activities for both families and single professionals alike (source: Students also take advantage of lower tuition costs at colleges and universities across Tennessee; its rich history and beautiful natural scenery also draw people in looking for change of pace and culture.

It is very important that your vehicle be transported securely. Hiring a reliable company will make the process as stress-free as possible; their expert drivers know all of Tennessee’s major routes and can schedule their shipments around road closures or other events.

When shipping your vehicle to Tennessee, enclosed auto shipping may be the safer and most reliable solution. While more costly than open transportation methods, enclosed car shipping offers protection from debris, weather, and traffic hazards that would otherwise pose risks to open transportation methods. Enclosed car shipping offers peace of mind as you ship your car across state lines.

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