How can a beginner get better at driving?

Here are some of the secrets to the question how can a beginner get better at driving. By practicing these tips, you are sure to become a pro driver!

Driving a car is not a born talent.No one knows how to drive perfectly from the moment they are born. You can learn and improve your driving skills at any point in your life.We have formulated car driving tips and tricks in India which will make a professional driver out of you.

Driving tips for beginners to make a beginner get better at driving

Bad driving is a thing where you are taking risks of your own as well as someone else’s life. So, driving properly is necessary to minimize the risks.

  • In the beginning, we need to know that there are two types of transmission systems in cars- manual and automatic. The main difference is in manual transmission you have a clutch and you have to change gears manually. While, in automatic transmission there is no clutch and the gears are changed automatically.

I suggest you learn to drive with a smaller car as the engine bay is short in these cars and you have a proper view of the cars. At the start of your lesson or when you are still a beginner, you will be overwhelmed if you cannot have proper road visibility.

Start with a small car like a Maruti Suzuki Alto or Hyundai Santro.

  • Now a problem which many new drivers face is that they are confused on which side their car has the fuel filler. As they are not accustomed to refueling many times, they get confused.

The simplest solution to this is here. Watch the instrument cluster. There a fuel station sign will be showing an arrow. If this arrow is towards the left then your filler is on the left side and if this arrow is pointing right then the filler is on the right side of the car. Generally, Indian cars have fillers on the left side.

  • A common steering related issue which beginners face is how much should you rotate your steering wheel for a turn. That’s the wrong way of approach. That will vary depending upon the distance from where you are turning and the speed of the car.

Do not think like this. Rather see a point where you want to take your carthen rotate the steering such that you go to that point as you would do in normal driving.

  • Another mistake which many new drivers make is they think that the car will automatically go as you take the front part and while turning they think only about the front part. But, the rear wheels follow the front wheels, when you are turning the front wheels may steer nicely but the rear wheels may collide against rocks.

It can be solved if you keep a bit of distance from the corner borders of the roads and rat terrier mix with dachshund drive a bit more towards the front before turning so that the rear wheels also get the space.

  • New drivers, after turning, think that they have to rotate the steering themselves to the center point. This does not work like this. If you continue doing so, it will consume time and also the car won’t come in a straight path fast. Nevertheless, your hands will get fatigued too.

Steering wheel has the ability to return back. Your steering wheel will always return back to the center if you leave it. So, after making a turn, just loose your grip from the steering and it will automatically return to the center.

But there may be instances where the steering may not return. And if you see that your steering wheel is not returning then this is dangerous. Most likely, your car’s wheels have misaligned. Go to a repair shop and ask for wheel alignment or check whatever is the problem.

  • For left side judgment. Take a reference point at the center of your dashboard. You can place a dashboard toy here. Then this center point should be slightly towards the left if you have some car or object at the left side.

Why are we keeping a bit left? So that you can drive at the minimum space in busy traffic. With practice you won’t need to use this reference point and pro drivers know where the wheel is.

To practice the pro driver formula. Keep a stone or anything at the left side of the road and try to drive the left wheels over it. It will take some time, but you will master the idea of where your left wheels are and so, you can easily judge the left side of the car.

  • ALways keep the left foot only on the clutch. Your right foot should be at the center of the brake and accelerator for faster operation. This is the best position for controlling the vehicle.

Surely, these were some of the tips which will help you towards making you a better driver. Don’t worry, with practice, eventually you will become a pro driver. For your new car, we are sure you need reference to car accessories online shopping sites in India. Go and make your car more appealing today.

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