Are Autoclickers safe? | What are the best autoclickers?

If you are looking to expand your autoresponder by adding new tools, then you have probably come across the term autoclickers. What are autoclickers? Are they safe? This is the question we will look at in this article. 

What are auto clickers?

Autoclickers are tools that click automatically on certain things when an email is sent to your autoresponder. There are several autoclickers in the market. Their functionality varies and can be used for different things such as recording addresses and names of potential clients, creating an auto-response system to alert your subscribers, etc. 

The functionality of this software is not limited and you are free to tweak anything to run easily and simplify your task. This program automates clickers used on the internet. This means that once installed on your computer it will take over the clicking that you would normally do by yourself. 

The program is essentially useful in situations where you are running a program that requires constant clicking. Games like Minecraft require regular clicking and these programs will serve you best when playing games such as this. 

Autoclickers are also used by individuals that do a lot of writing. People that write blogs, articles, reviews and other forms of writing can find this software very useful. As they are typing they sometimes try to cross-reference with another post and going in between the tabs can be a pain-staking process. The autoclickers will solve this for you. 

Autoclickers are customizable and can be programmed to perform different tasks. Most of these programs are free to download while the rest come at a cheap price. Setting the program up takes a little time and will start working immediately they are setup.

Are they safe?

Most autoclickers are safe and run well on your machine. The majority of people that use autoclicker software are gamers. And provided that the software is downloaded from a legitimate source it will be safe and free from Malware. Although there is some legit autoclicker software that is flagged by some Antiviruses due to their popularity. 

This will not necessarily mean that the software is not legit and you simply have to disable your Antivirus to install them on your device. Generally using autoclicker software will cause no harm to your Machine, some software will lag on run slow but that’s just it.  

Here we look at some of the best autoclicker software in the market that guarantees safety:  

Free Auto Clicker 

This application is free to download and allows users to achieve the desired action automatically. It records your screen and determines the click coordinates so it can achieve the desired output. 

Features of Auto Clicker 

  • Free downloadable software and they are no registration fees, memberships or payment required. 
  • The software is safe to download, use and will not pose any danger to your computer.
  • You can tweak the time interval so it either happens as slow or fast as you need them to happen. 
  • The X and Y coordinates are easily set; you are just required to select the required points on the screen where you want the clicks to happen. 

Auto Mouse Click 

This is a great option for free autoclicker software. Clicks can be set to happen automatically and for it to function well you have to set where the clicks should occur as well as the number of clicks you require to be completed. 

Once all information is ready the software takes care of the rest and will handle the tasks as programmed. However, this tool is not free and the interface is complex and not beginner-friendly. 


  • Has support for both left and right-clicking 
  • You can specify the X and Y coordinates 

GS Auto Clicker 

The GS auto clicker is a simple software to use and will allow automatic clicking on your computer. The software will allow you to set up a hotkey sequence that will allow the software to run smoothly. This program is beginner-friendly. 

The recording feature lets you record the position and sequence of your clicks. 


  • Works for free
  • It is beginner-friendly as is easy to navigate 


  • Configuration is limited 
  • It can sometimes hand due to extensive clicking 


Although autoclicker software is generally harmless, caution should be taken when using them in several circumstances. Gaming competitions for instance are against the use of such software as it gives gamers an unfair advantage. 

This auto clicker software are a great option for people who do a lot of clicking and will reduce the strain on the wrist. If you fall within this category then it is high time you consider getting one of these apps and improve your clicking experience. 


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