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Differences Between QR Code And Linear Barcodes

A linear barcode is an alternation of stripes on the surface of goods or on a label. Information from it is read by a scanner, PC, or smartphone, and then entered into the accounting system to track the route of goods.

The barcode performs an informative and identification function, automates inventory control, organizes the movement of goods, and increases the speed and quality of visitor service.

The EAN-8 barcode stands for:

– the first two digits are the state code;

– the next five digits – the manufacturer’s code;

– check digit.

The EAN-13 barcode stands for:

– the first three digits – the code of the organization;

– six digits – manufacturer organization;

– a combination of three digits – product code within the company;

– control number.

The barcode must not be placed on areas with other marking components: inscriptions, drawings, or perforations.

A QR code is a two-dimensional code that stores more information than a linear one. It is versatile, has unlimited possibilities, can be applied to any flat surface, and comes in a variety of sizes.

In a linear barcode, information is read horizontally, and in a QR code horizontally and vertically, the amount of data can be up to 4,000 characters.

You can enclose sales receipts, links to websites, contacts, and more in the QR code cipher. When scanning a QR code with QR scanner, the user is automatically redirected to the site, photos and drawings are opened on the device, and product information becomes available for viewing.

Scanning a QR code online through your phone allows you to pay for purchases without using bank cards.

Payment Process:

– at the checkout, the cashier scans the goods, counts the amount, and creates a QR code;

– the buyer scans the code through the application for making payments and pays for purchases;

– the seller generates a check after receiving a notification of payment;

– the buyer receives a message about the payment made.

A two-dimensional barcode can not only make it possible to pay for goods but can also redirect visitors to the checkout form. Reliability and security in financial transactions are guaranteed.

QR code scanner download in Russian and how to use it

To scan a QR code, you need to have a barcode scanner, PC, smartphone, or tablet with a camera at hand. To scan and create QR codes, you can use Internet services or download a QR code scanner and use it offline.

There are many services that allow you to read and create a QR code online. The mechanism of their work is very simple – go to the site, recognize the picture and load it into the device’s memory. Also, many sites allow you to create your own QR codes, for which you need to enter the necessary information and then save the received code.

For permanent use, you can install software on a computer that will recognize codes and display information on the screen On mobile devices, you can also install special applications for working with QR codes from the Google Play Market or the App Store.

Checking the QR Code Scanner

To check the barcode scanner, you need to take any payment receipt and scan the code through the installed QR code scanner. Then you need to verify the decrypted data with the data on the receipt. The application works correctly if the information matches.

You can check your own codes for their compliance with GOSTs on the website The service allows you to check the code for all the necessary attributes. The service is free.

Payment by QR code

For the best understanding of the process of using the QR code scanner, you should try to pay for the goods through an online bank.

The process of preparing for the operation:

– installation of a mobile application;

– registration and authorization;

– Scan a QR code with the automatic transition to your personal account.

In your personal account, you can make a test payment according to the receipt, for this you need:

– In the “payments” section, click the “pay by QR” button;

– Scan the QR code from the receipt;

– Wait for the details to be filled in and complete the payment.

Thus, you can pay for purchases in any stores and supermarkets, including online stores. QR scanning technology guarantees the security, reliability, and efficiency of all payments.

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