Everything You Need To Know About Esports Maps

Esports Maps is a one-stop shop for everything esports. From events happening nearby to guides on the best hardware and software in our gaming guides that will help you gain the edge at home or in the competitions we list.

With our detailed information about teams & players; no wonder people call us their ‘esports guide’. Whether newbies need assistance navigating through what seems like an endless landscape (it isn’t) or veterans want up-to-date info during competitive seasons–we’re always ready with thorough answers, updating our gaming guides daily.

Esports Maps’ Goal

We are on a mission to become the go-to destination for gamers globally, hosting esports events and cultivating local teams. Esports Maps’ aim is to bring people together through our platform and gaming guides which connect individuals with accurate in order that they may reshape their gaming communities.

We are shaking up how people discover and attend esports events globally. When the gaming community comes together, allowing connection with like-minded gamers, amazing experiences can happen! We want to remove the boundaries for events – whether it’s $1 million prize pool tournaments or local region finals of your favorite game (like Smash).

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