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Top 6 Common MacBook Pro Problems to Be Aware Of

It’s no secret that Apple products have drastically changed the way people use technology in both a casual and professional setting. But, it’s not impossible for these products to encounter problems.

This is particularly true for MacBooks, and many people aren’t quite sure how to handle them. Fortunately, we’ve created a guide on the most common MacBook Pro problems that you can use to help you out in the future.

Let’s explore what you should know.

  1. Battery Life Issues

One of the most common issues that MacBook Pro users face is dealing with problems related to battery life. One day, you might notice that your computer’s battery life only lasts for a fraction of the time that it used to. This can be particularly aggravating for those who use their laptop for school or work, as well as those who use them while travelling. Additionally, you might find that your MacBook Pro fails to charge completely or doesn’t charge at all.

To make matters worse, the cause could be related to either software or hardware. So, it’s not always recommended to immediately replace your battery if you notice issues like these.

  1. Screen Problems

The screen problem that most users encounter involves the screen flickering at random intervals. Similarly, they might notice that the screen’s resolution seems to randomly change to a lower quality.

More often than not, this is the result of physical damage to the screen (such as from dropping your MacBook Pro). But, it can also be caused by software applications on your computer. For example, some users install certain programs to give them further control over the fine details of their Macbook. It’s not impossible that an application that allows a user to have more customization over the resolution causes conflicts with the internal system.

There are a number of other screen-related issues you could experience.

  1. Slow Speed

Of all the problems that your MacBook could encounter, this is one of the most frustrating. More often than not, it also typically seems to occur during times when speed is imperative.

Unfortunately, slow speed can have a large number of different causes. Hardware damage, incompatible software, and even the presence of a virus could all cause your MacBook Pro to run slower than you’d like. But, the issue could also be relatively benign. For example, those who have utilized most of their storage space on their device might find that their computer runs far slower than normal.

So, simply removing unnecessary files from your MacBook Pro could resolve the issue.

  1. Can’t Connect to External Devices

It’s not uncommon for your computer to suddenly be unable to connect to external devices. This applies to both those that utilize Bluetooth and those you connect through USB.

Unfortunately, this issue is also one that could cause a significant number of other problems. For example, let’s assume that you’re trying to connect to a device for a presentation. If your computer is unable to do so, this could easily cause unnecessary delays. Straightforward solutions include restarting your device, turning Bluetooth off and then on again, etc.

But, these aren’t guaranteed to work and there could be hardware damage to your computer that is preventing it from connecting properly.

  1. Certain Keys Don’t Work

Every now and then, MacBook Pro users find that the keys on the keyboard suddenly stop working. They might also find that only particular keys are affected.

While you may immediately assume that this is a result of hardware damage, software bugs are often the culprit. Other problems that people encounter include keys that input multiple times even though they’re pressed only once.

If you find yourself encountering this issue, it’s best to research your specific situation before paying for a keyboard replacement. If the cause is related to software, replacing the keyboard likely won’t resolve the issue and will only waste further time and resources.

Once again, the installation of certain software could result in complications like this. So, consider this possibility if you’ve recently installed a program that affects the keys on your MacBook Pro.

  1. Your Computer Doesn’t Start Correctly

Most MacBook Pro issues are relatively easy to either resolve or circumvent. To elaborate, the aforementioned slow speed problem can often be rectified by deleting files on your computer.

But, a MacBook Pro that doesn’t start correctly can be notoriously difficult to handle. In this scenario, you might reset your computer only to find that you stare endlessly at a dark screen. Similarly, your start-up menu may now prompt you to follow certain instructions to reinstall your Mac operating system.

If you find yourself in this situation, is highly recommended to boot in Safe Mode. For those who are unaware, this term refers to booting your Mac in a state that only runs the bare minimum software. Your computer will then run a series of checks to determine the cause of the issue that you’re experiencing.

Managing Macbook Pro Problems Might Seem Obligated

Fortunately, the above information about common MacBook Pro problems will help ensure that you avoid issues in the future. From here, you can immediately recognize when something needs your attention and then take the appropriate action.

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