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PS4 Emulator

PS4 Emulator – If you have landed on this page, we believe you may be looking for the best PS4 Emulator, or you are here to gain knowledge about this fabulous software. For those who are less aware, the PlayStation 4 or the PS4 Emulator imitates the very popular Sony’s PlayStation 4 games and lets you enjoy games on your Android phone, tablet, windows, and MAC computer systems. Interestingly, you can enjoy PS4 games even if you do not have a PS4 gaming console.

Since PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles available in the market, it is high in demand. This also makes it an expensive device for playing games. For this very reason, we have emulators and that too available for free. Now, how do you find the best PS4 Emulator from various options available in the gaming industry? We have listed 4 best ones from many we tested. Let’s take a look.

PS4 Emulator

PS4 Emulator

Top 4 PS4 emulators available on the web for PC

We must understand that though there are many PS4 emulators available, not all of them are safe to use. Also, all of them may not allow you to play all PS4 games. Hence, selecting the right emulator is important.

1. PS4Emus


One of the best emulators available for PC, PS4Emus, was launched in 2013 and is regularly updated. We were impressed to know that PS4Emus was modified for more than five years, and after various upgrades, it has managed to bag positive reviews from gamers today. PS4Emus is one of the best PS4 emulators for computer systems today. Further, it is to be noted graphics and soundtrack of PS4Emus are different from what is available on the original console. The only drawback is one can not connect to the PlayStation network.


  •     It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.
  •     It is easy to install. Just download PS4Emus and run it as admin to install it.
  •     It is easily available online, offering PlayStation games that can be downloaded for free.
  •     It is available for multiple platforms.
  •     PS4Emus offers a good fps (frame per second) rate.
  •     It comes with inbuilt support for BIOS.
  •     It has a user-friendly interface.

2. PCSX4


The next PS4 emulator on the list is PCSX4. It is a newly developed emulator compatible with Windows and Mac systems and is available for free. If you are using a Windows operating system, you need to install VC++2015, DirectX 11.1 platform update KB2670838-x64, .net framework 3.5. Additionally, you would need at least a 4-core processor and the AXV and SSE-4.2 GPU. To use PCSX4, you must have a well-configured PC. To use PCSX4 emulators, just download and extract the .exe file. Now run it as an admin to install it. Additionally, you need to extract the .pdix file and link it to your account.


  •     It is compatible with high-end computers.
  •     It is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.
  •     It utilizes DirectX 12, OpenGL, Vulkan as back end API renderers.
  •     It is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10/8.1/ &7 OS.
  •     It runs at 60 frames per second if you are using a high-end computer with an advanced GPU system.
  •     It offers much greater video quality than the PC.
  •     It is easy to use.
  •     It supports the multiplayer feature.

3. Orbital PS4 Emulator

The third one on the list is the Orbital PS4 emulator, which is preferred globally. It was developed by a very famous developer, Alexander. It is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems. When you are reading this, it might still be under development. It supports a high-powered PC with 16 GB RAM. You will have to build QEMU, BIOS, GRUB binaries yourself. Also, configuring the Orbital PS4 emulator is difficult. You need to decrypt and dump the filesystem.


  •     It is a low-level emulator which virtualizes the PS4 console OS.
  •     This is also an open-source project.

4. SNESStation Emulator for PS4

The last one on the list is SNESStation Emulator, which is another popular emulator among gamers. This was also used for playing games that were compatible with the PS1 and PS2 gaming system. SNESStation Emulator is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. To run this emulator, you will have to jailbreak your consoles. Post this, you will get a debug setting with which you can easily install a FAT32 USB drive or PKG file from exFAT.


  •     It provides inbuilt ROMs.
  •     It is compatible with PS1 and PS2 gaming systems.


PS4 Emulators are by far the best software developed in the gaming industry. While some are still under development, some are doing wonders. We recommend that you have a high-end system with a high configuration for a smooth experience. 

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