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Gameboy Advance Emulator

Gameboy Advance Emulator – Gamers would know that Game Boy Advance is one of the most popular game consoles in the market. After GameBoy, it was the next big hit that allowed the use of older games. Android devices today have become powerful enough for a reliable emulation, allowing you to play Gameboy Advance games just like game consoles.

Before we dig into the best 7 Gameboy Advance Emulator, let’s find out what makes it stand apart from others.

Gameboy Advance Emulator

Gameboy Advance Emulator

How is it different from a GBA emulator?

We are aware that a good emulator will prioritize emulation accuracy offering tons of great features. The features include save state management and full gamepad support when you want to pick up and play.

Fantastic 7 GameBoy Advance Emulator

1. John GBA

The first one on the list is an accurate GBA emulator hosting tons of features. Popularly known as the no-nonsense emulator it is an apt option for gamers who want to keep things simple. It comes with in-built cheats and many options to improve the rendering. Additionally, it comes with Dropbox support that allows you to sync and save your data on the cloud. This allows you to continue your game on another device of your preference. The virtual gamepad available by default is not that great but you have an option to change it. It also has a Bluetooth controller support.

2. RascalBoy Emulator for PC

The second best emulator on the list is RascalBoy offering some interesting features like multiple language support, multiplayer gaming, and cheat code support. It gets regular updates and works well with all kinds of GBA ROMS. It is a small size emulator and is easy to operate.

3. My Boy

The third best emulator on the list is the most prominent My Boy emulator. Its popularity comes from the very reason for its great emulation features, performance, and accuracy. The free version is loaded with ads. You can opt for the premium version to get rid of ads but that does offer any better experience. It offers the fastest emulation and fairly smooth performance across all devices. It does not need a BIOS file to play games. It provides save and restart features.

4. GBA.emu

The fourth one on the list is incredibly solid with a great feature for Android devices. Both free and premium versions are available. However with no big difference. If you are really keen to support the developers, you can opt for the paid version. Good thing is, even in the free version, ads don’t throw up on your face. It is regularly updated.

5. GBAoid

GBAoid is an old emulator but works pretty well till today. Though it does not get any update now, it has all that a good emulator should carry. It is available for free and is quite a decent emulator on the list.

6. ClassicBoy

One of the powerful emulators, ClassicBoy is called the all-in-one game emulator. It supports Nintendo 64 (N64), GameBoy Classic (GB), GameBoy Color (GBC), and PlayStation1 (PS1). It allows a maximum of 4 players, also offers autosave and restore options. It provides external joystick support.

7. No$gba Emulator for PC

The last one on the list is for PCs. No$gba is available in 2 versions – debugged and gaming version. It is compatible with both Windows and DOS Operating Systems. It supports Multiplayer, controller, good graphics and Multiple NDs ROM.

FAQ: Gameboy Advance Emulator

Q: Does 3ds emulate GBA?

A: Instead of having to develop an emulator, the 3DS includes native firmware for a GBA mode primarily used to run ambassador releases. You can access this firmware by injecting a GBA ROM as a VC application. The old 3DS/2DS, is by far the best option to play GBA games.

Q: Does Gameboy Advance Emulator have bugs?

A: Most of the Gameboy Advance Emulators available today are at their mature state and do not really have bugs. 


The list is curated by a team of kids from the 90s for whom GBA was a treat. Most of these emulators are quite powerful that would let you do simple things which may not have been possible without them. Additionally, there are many more GBA emulators. But not all of them are worth trying. If you do not want to get into lengthy procedures then MyBoy emulator is for you. GBA.emu is the nest we would like to recommend for its amazing features. One drawback we found is you need to buy a 32-bit handheld video game console to play these games. Go, download them and enjoy reliving the old times. As soon as you download the emulator, you would need to get GBA ROMs and load them. That’s it! You are now ready. Further, the process is simple and would just take a few minutes to begin. Do share your feedback to tell us if we have missed any emulator. 

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