What is Word Pigeon? Word Pigeon uses and Word Pigeon vs ImportPress

While moving straight to gain more strengths in your company then it is not good to be stuck in between any task. Word Pigeon is there to make your task complete in taking your content to WordPress as well as designing and making your task comfortable. Here in this blog, you will get to know about the Word Pigeon and ImportPress as well as the differences between them.

Word Pigeon means

Word Pigeon is the plugin that is used to transfer your files from google docs to WordPress without losing important content like images, tables, charts, and other designing details which make your task done efficiently. As if we directly copy and paste the content in WordPress then too much loss in your data will occur like table, links, headings, font style, page breaks, font size, and other formatting details. 

It helps you in posting your content from google docs to WordPress with proper links and formatting embedded in it and it does all the tasks without any coding and change in your post which you have done in google docs.

Features of Word Pigeon

Here are some features of Word Pigeon, so check it to become more clear about its benefits.

  1. Links export can be done
  2. Retain formatting of the document
  3. Tags, authors, and categories classification embedded
  4. Embedded charts and tables exported 

Steps to use Word Pigeon

Word Pigeon plugin is easy to use and is more efficient than any other method of publishing the content over WordPress with all your data safe and secure. Here are some steps below to give you more details about using Word Pigeon and publish your file over WordPress in an easy way for your convenience.

Step 1- Create or Compose

The very first step of publishing your post is to create some very effective and beautiful content in google docs as you can edit your file more on that platform by properly designing and touch up with attractive fonts and different headings, so tension free about the content management and just create as much content you want with images and tables embedded in it.

Your edits and comments will not affect the working of WordPress so after creating your post, go to the next step of ex[orting your file.

Step-2 – Export your file

When you open the Word Pigeon plugin then your created file is clearly visible on the screen so that you do not waste your precious time looking for your post. There is an export option available near to your post after hitting on that option nothing else you need to do.

Step-3 – Ready to go

Move towards your WordPress website and what you can see is your post on the screen and before publishing your content it allows you to give it a final touch.

Importpress means

Importpress automatically exports your file in WordPress from google docs containing all your essential details like links, images and font style, etc in it to save your time from formatting your post or page.

It has a seven-day trial also to check its compatibility and functionality without any limits on exports you just need to activate and confirm your site’s connection. Click on new on WordPress and install ImportPress instead of wasting too much time on copying and pasting your file while losing all the formatting details. It puts your file on WordPress with proper beautiful formatting details embedded in it as it was earlier but more efficient.

Differences between Word Pigeon and importPress

Here are some differences between Word Pigeon and ImportPress to make your decision more clear about choosing them for your convenience.

  1. Many customers or visitors looking to get the product now when attracted towards it and interested in it instead of looking them later somewhere. So, Word Pigeon puts Shopify over your dashboard which makes more people reach your eCommerce site so customers buy at the same time only. But on the other side, ImportPress does not have this feature.
  2. Word Pigeon allows you to give a final touch to your post by editing at last time with the help of WordPress builders like Gutenberg and beaver builder but this function is not available in ImportPress.
  3. Word Pigeon supports you with a live chat option to provide help if stuck somewhere in between your task but this feature is not there in ImportPress.
  4. Word Pigeon helps you in converting the formats of the files you are posting over WordPress to make your export much easier so it converts the MS Docx file format to google doc format for export but this ability is not there in ImportPress.
  5. The Word Pigeon allows you to add feature image and animated GIFs in your page or post to make it more attractive but ImportPress do not allow you this addition.


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