What is PhotoStick? It’s Benefits And Alternatives

During past days when we did not have digital devices to store photos and so our collection was lost because it was tough to manage albums of photos as we do not have mobile phones as well. So it was hard to store some precious best moments of life which are too important for happy living.

Now we have multiple digital devices that are used to store our photos as we have thousands of photos with different memories so these devices help you in managing it for a comfortable life and this gives the solution of photo loss.

This post gives you whole information about PhotoStick photo backup device and all about its benefits and what are some different devices present in the market which replace this digital device with some different features and different designs.

What is PhotoStick?

PhotoStick is a digital device used to store our collection of photos as a helper with plenty of amazing features embedded in it to make our storage task easier and keep our collection safe which makes it a perfect gadget. 

It can store up to 60,000 photos which is a sufficient amount we want to save and also this device is easy to use as only we need to plug it in and use the software.

How to use PhotoStick?

PhotoStick can be used in a very easy and fastest way on both computer and Mac. sometimes when it is plugin then the windows and mac will identify on its own and shows a pop-up blocker on the screen, but when it is not then here are some easy steps to follow

On Computer

  1. The first step after plugging the PhotoStick into your USB port of the computer is to open the file explorer in windows.
  2. The next step is to choose PhotoStick from the devices list and double click on it to open it over a new window.
  3. Click on ThePhotoStickWindows.exe and install the application to proceed further and after installing the PhotoStick, it launches automatically. Click on go after it loads completely.

On Mac

  1. After putting the PhotoStick in the USB port of the computer, the next thing you need to do is to select PhotoStick and double click on it which appears on the desktop screen.
  2. If it is not visible on the screen then open the finder and search for it and select the PhotoStick in devices to install it.
  3. Let the application install and then automatically it launches and shows on your mac screen. after it loads then click on GO.


Benefits of PhotoStick

  • Very secure device

It ensures you the safety of your files that it never loses them in any way because it constantly backups your photos without any issue in between.

  • Compatible with all formats

Any picture format is supported by this device whether it may be JPG or PNG or any other. It is comfortable with all the pictures you have with different formats so no need to change them.

  • Works offline

No internet is required in doing a backup of the PhotoStick so it is a much better device that does not suck your internet.

  • Small and handy

It is a small and portable device so one can easily carry to anywhere in a small purse with thousands of collections stored in it.

  • Low price

It is less costly and it can be called an investment as the time which earlier wasted on organizing files is now used in many productive works. Also, the money spent on cloud storage is now invested in this effectively smart gadget.

Drawbacks of PhotoStick

  • Cannot reach to everyone

It is a device that can only be purchased online but cannot be available offline due to less availability because of the higher popularity of this stick.

  • 32 GB option is not and also not come with instruction or guide

There is no 32 GB availability at present but many customers prefer 16 GB variants so it needs to be available soon.

Alternatives of PhotoStick

Many technologies like this come into the market in which some of them proved better than this device while some lag behind due to advanced features of PhotoStick. Here you will come to know in what ways it competes with the other storing devices and how the features differ from PhotoStick devices.

  • Samsung FIT Plus 3.1 128 GB flash drive

With this device, you will get more storage and it has space for music and documents also along with photos and videos and the best thing about this device is that it is compatible with any device but it does not have smart scanning abilities like PhotoStick. 

  • Picture keeper 4GB

It is also a portable storage device vans search and backup all your important files you need to store. But it has a drawback of storing less than 4 GB of memory so that is why it costs less than PhotoStick.

  • SUNSWAN 3.0 USB flash drive

It is very different from other flash drives as its features are more unique and effective than the other flash drives. Unlike the PhotoStick it requires to download and installs of the app before using it but it costs less than a PhotoStick.

  • MemorySafe X

It is a new device constructed with new and effective technology and has the ability to back up your files within seconds. It searches in your computer for the folders in which you carry your lost images and videos to store it.

  • PhotoSave

It is a small USB drive to instantly back up your media on any device whether it be a laptop, computer, or tablet. It is a 100% secure device for which you do not have to pay also in regular subscriptions.

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