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How to Get Remote Access to an Android Device (Complete Guide)

If you’re willing to monitor an Android smartphone remotely and check it’s activities, then loosen up! You’ve come to the right place.

There are various methods to get remote access to Android devices, but we wouldn’t like to take so much of your time and show you a quick and convenient way.

In this article, you’ll read more about the best application that will allow you to get into any Android smartphone and track it remotely. However, this is a complete guide with everything you need. All you have to do is read the article till the end.


Spyine’s platform is a phone monitoring application that helps its users to track an Android smartphone remotely. More than a million users prefer this solution because it is easy to use and does not require a root. 

We recommend using this application for Phone monitoring as it has an encrypted server with private keys. It means that you do not need to worry about your privacy while monitoring someone’s smartphone.

It offers some advanced features so that you can continue your phone tracking experience without any limitations.

Spyine’s Features to Track an Android Device

Most popular features of Spyine applications:

Location Tracker

This feature lets you track the real-time location of any Android phone you want. You can open this tool from the dashboard and check where the person is. Additionally, you can check the last location of the device by checking its location history.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp spy is the most popular feature of this application. It lets you check all the messages sent or received on the targeted device’s WhatsApp application. You can trust this feature to check their messages, status, and contacts without letting the user know.

Additionally, there is no way to find out who’s monitoring WhatsApp with this feature. Hence, you can monitor without any worries.

Instagram Tracker

The Instagram tracker allows you to track the Instagram activities of the Android phone. Although it can not show the complete application, you can still check the conversations and their feeds to monitor the device.

With some advanced updates, you can check the Instagram statuses of the device as well. There is no need to log in to any Instagram account to use this feature.

Browser Tracker

Wanna know what the person is searching for? Check the web history of the Android device and find it out. This feature tracks the browsing activities of all the browsers installed on that smartphone.

You can filter the search results based on where the query was entered.

Stealth Mode

Monitoring an Android device requires some protection as well. Hence, this feature will help you keep your identity secured from other applications. It is an integral feature of the application, and you do not need to do anything to activate it.

How to Track an Android With Spyine

Let’s focus on the complete guide to monitoring an Android device now. Make sure to read this guide before trying to access someone’s Android device. It will help take the precautions and avoid getting caught in the process.

Follow these steps to start monitoring an Android device:

Step1: Register on Spyine

Visit Spyine’s official website and get an account by clicking on the Sign Up Free button. You will find a box where you can enter your name and email address. After that, you need to create an account with variations of upper and lower case alphabets.

Verify your email through the link they sent you to your email address. 

Step2: Get a Membership

Spyine works on the membership model and requires you to subscribe to one. Thus, you can choose one of their membership by comparing the plans with your requirements. You can go with the basic membership if you want to monitor a single device.

Confirm your decision and make the transaction. 

Step3: Verify The Android Smartphone

The next step is a bit complicated and involves multiple steps for Android. Hence, we will break them down to help you understand them better.

  • Start by clicking on the Android logo when it asks you to choose a device
  • After that give it a nickname and click on continue
  • Download the mini setup from the guide and install it on the targeted Android device
  • Follow the in-app instructions to hide the application from the menu
  • Wait for the application completes its process

It will take some time to verify and sync the device with your account. Hence, you can wait and try after some time. Make sure to check that the application is not showing up on the device.

Although it will hide it automatically, you must cross-check it to avoid getting caught.

Step4: Follow Advanced Features

The last step is to log in back to your Spyine account and to use the advanced features to monitor the device. You will find a list of features when you click on the dashboard. Refer to the above image to get an overview of how it works.

After that, you can select any feature, and it will start showing the relevant information to help you monitor it. 

For example- You can click on the location tracker option and it will show the live location of the device. Similarly, you can click on Contacts to check all the contacts from that android device. That’s it. 

You can simply log in to your account on a web browser whenever you want. The Android device will stay activated on your Spyine account as long as users keep using it without performing a reset.

Final Words

If someone tells you that getting remote access to an Android device is hard, show them how it’s done. The above guide helps you create an account, verifying the device, and monitoring it with an advanced solution.

You do not need to do anything else to complete the process. However, we recommend going through the demo version on Spyine’s website to learn more about the solution. 

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