Where To Host My Podcast – Best Hosts To Consider For Podcast

Where to host your podcast is most likely the most difficult decision to make as a newbie in the industry. The number of hosting options will always leave you indecisive, especially when considering each platform’s unique feature. But, should you ever decide to go into podcasting

The following are some of the best hosts to consider, crafted by professional research helpers.

  • Buzzsprout

Best feature; Simplicity and video promotion.

Buzzsprout’s pricing beginning at $12 is the cheapest great option available for you because the platform offers unique features ranging from your ability to select a section of your show and make a video out of it, the ease of uploading and publishing, as well as their unique import tool which allows you switch host within a matter of seconds.

  • Captivate

Best feature; Great for Audience Growth & Multiple Shows

Captivate is a growth-oriented platform and probably the only platform set up to live up to that. With features such as auto-generated links, which can be shared on as many listening apps as possible, making listening and subscription relatively easy. The platform also comes with a built-in call to action buttons right there inside the player. 

Captivate is all about growth, as they have shown so far. The developers at Captivate are committed to adding more growth and productivity tools in the coming months. So, if what you need is a podcast hosting platform where you can grow and scale your audience, then Captivate is probably your best bet.


Best feature; Great for Private Podcasting & Multiple Show

Transistor is another excellent option in the list of hosts to consider. It offers all the standard tools and features that a podcaster might need and unique features such as private podcast feed, allowing users to monetize their show and engage an existing community. Transistor makes it convenient to run a private show alongside your public show; all you need to do is invite users who, in turn, pay a fee in subscription to have access to the private show.

  • Castos

Best feature; WordPress Integration

Castos is the media host responsible for the famous Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin. All you are required t do is set up your website and install the plugin, and you can start uploading and publishing your episodes directly from your website. At $19 per month, you can upload your content on Castos 

  • Podbean

Podbean became very popular after creating a series of tools that help  Podcasters grow and monetize their shows. Ome of the other excellent features of Podbean includes their hosting quality, their dynamic ad insertion, and premium service.

Podbean cheapest plan, the ‘Unlimited audio Plan,’ costs $14 per month ($9 per month when you pay annually).

  • Spreaker

Compared to other podcasting platforms mentioned above, what distinguishes Spreaker from the rest is the wide range of tools it offers. Spreaker also allows you to publish your content on all the leading directories without leaving the Spreaker platform. Their monetization policy is one of the best compared with other platforms and allows outsourcing ad contents.


Spreaker’s basic package costs about $7 per month, while the most expensive package is $20 per month. Both packages give you access to host as many shows as you want as long as you do not exceed the hourly limit of 100 and 500 hours, respectively.

  1. Blubrry 

Blubrry is one of the earliest podcasting platforms developed, and it boasts of quality hosting and tens of thousands of users. Their excellent PowerPress plugin also allows anyone to create and run a podcast from their website.

With Blubrry, you have nothing to fear, as they do not in any way alter or touch any of the files you upload. Blubrry was also the first private podcast hosting platform to be IAB certified, which means that official podcast guidelines guide them.


Blubrry charges are cheap in comparison to the services they offer. For example, their $12 per month plan gives you a 100MB space for upload, and their $20 per month plan gives you 250MB disc space.

  1. Libsyn

Libsyn, like Blubrry, is considered as an old-guard in the hosting podcast industry. And it shares certain similarities with Blubrry, which includes a user base of tens of thousands subscribers, offering quality and reliable services to all. Libsyn pride itself on bringing its services close to you wherever you are and taking your content, message to your listeners anywhere in the world. On Libsyn, you can publish any time/day, and each directory is different from the other. Your file is also left untouched, such that what you upload is what your listeners download.

Libsyn is also known for its Enterprise service, which is currently being enjoyed by Celebrities, Government Agencies, and Professional media companies. 


Libsyn cheapest subscription costs $5 per month for 50MB of uploads, which is approximately 50 minutes. However, their 250MB plan is more suitable for most podcasters, and it costs $15 per month.

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