How To Play Pokemon Emulator For PC

Pokemon Emulator For PC – You may play Pokemon games on a PC in many ways. You may play traditional Fire Red, or something completely new like Pokemon Trading Card Game, online.

Learn about both the DS and Gameboy emulators first if you plan on playing Pokemon games on a PC.

Programs that simulate a game console may be found in Pokemon emulator pc. It is permissible to emulate a PC. As a result, it’s OK to do so. There are, however, a variety of viewpoints on the subject.

Pokemon Emulator For PC

In the next section, we’ll show you how to play Pokemon games on your computer and mobile device. With the right pokemon, you can battle, gather, snap, and explore the region without carrying too many electronics.

On a computer, how can you play Pokemon games from the Nintendo Gameboy?

There are two paths you may pursue if you wish to play legitimate Pokemon games. In order to play games from 2006 to 2017 on a Nintendo DS emulator, you’ll need a Gameboy emulator.

Because you get to make the final decision, we’ll provide a guide that covers both possibilities.

How to Play Gameboy Pokemon Games on a Computer?

To play a Gameboy Pokemon game on your PC, you’ll need two things. The first component is an emulator programme that can imitate the Gameboy’s operating system and applications..

Playing Pokemon on an Emulator is part two. You might begin by obtaining an excellent emulator. If you’re looking for a free and often updated open source alternative, we recommend VBA-M.

Once you’ve downloaded VBA-M, make a note of where you saved the.zip file you downloaded. Run visualboyadvance-m.exe after that.

Now you may play Pokemon on your emulator. After that, you’ll have to go online and search for the necessary ROMs. A ROM, or read-only memory card, contains a simulated copy of the game that must be loaded into the emulator.

To learn more about Nintendo’s position on the legality of downloading emulators, you may visit their website. Emulator Games has a wide selection of ROMs for many Nintendo games, including Pokemon.

You may save your progress in a game by clicking Save Game once you’ve selected it. A.zip file containing a ROM will be saved to your computer. Remove the.zip file from your computer without extracting it.

Click File > Open when you return to Visualboyadvance. Open the zip file by double-clicking on it. You may now play the game on the emulator and enjoy it to the fullest.

It’s a bit more complicated to save games on an emulator. Using the built-in save mechanism to save your game won’t function. Instead, go to File > Save State and choose an empty spot before clicking Save.

File > Load State allows you to reload the game from a previous save point if you want to continue playing later.

The Best Ways to Play Nintendo DS Pokemon Games

Nintendo DS Pokemon games may be played on PCs using the same approach. A DS emulator is, however, a need. DS games are best played using deSmuME, a Nintendo DS emulator.

Open the DeSmuME.exe file on your PC once you’ve downloaded the emulator. The file’s name may change from what you anticipate depending on the version you’ve downloaded. Go back to Emulator Games and download a DS Pokemon game.

The Save Game button may be used to download a Pokemon game once you’ve clicked on one.

Click File > Open ROM when you go back to DeSmuME to continue. The downloaded zip file may be opened in DeSmuME by double-clicking on it.

When you’re playing, go to File > Store State and choose an open slot to save your progress. Select File > Load State to reload previously saved games in the future.  

How to Play Pokemon Games Without an Emulator?

This means that if you’d want to play Pokemon games on your PC without using an emulator, there are a number of possibilities. Some are official Nintendo releases, while others are from third-party developers.


Overall, if you’re a fan of the Pokemon video game series, you may want to look into some of the best Pokemon emulators for PC. In order to best suit your requirements and tastes, choose one of the eight alternatives listed above. You’re welcome to play around with any of the emulators mentioned below.


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