Natural Baby Care Products in India

Using natural products for your baby can save you money and ensure a healthier environment. But you will have to be extra careful to choose products that will work for your child. This is because natural products are not available everywhere. Sometimes families move to a different area and cannot easily access them. Also, changing products can be difficult and uncomfortable for both baby and parents.

Ingredients in natural baby care products

Many leading brands in India make safe, natural baby care products for babies. The products are certified and come with guidelines to use them properly. This makes it easy for parents to select products that are effective and safe. Experts can also provide advice on which products are best for babies. In addition, these natural products are safe for the environment.

In India, baby oils are commonly mineral-based and do not penetrate the skin on a deeper level. Mineral-based oils can cause rashes and are not recommended for baby’s sensitive skin. To avoid this, Sadani and her husband founded The Moms Co. By avoiding mineral-based baby oils, The Moms Co offers products that are safe and effective for both moms and babies.

The goodnessme range is made from all-natural, certified, and organic ingredients. They have been developed over three years and contain ingredients from around the world. Their products are certified by ECOCERT, one of the largest organic certification bodies in the world. In order to earn this certification, a company must undergo stringent compliance processes, such as testing raw materials, formula approvals, and annual factory audits. They must also ensure that the products are free of toxins.

Eco-friendliness of natural baby care products

More parents are realizing the importance of eco-friendly baby care products. They want to raise healthy, happy children while reducing the harmful impact of their products on the environment. The use of plastic and non-biodegradable baby care products is one of the largest sources of plastic pollution in India.

The global demand for eco-friendly natural baby care products is increasing as informed parents from the millennial generation see the opportunity to make their children’s lives greener. In addition, the growth of internet usage has made it easier than ever to find environment-friendly baby care products. Several brands now offer a broad range of natural eco-friendly products.

Organic baby care products have become increasingly popular in India in the last year. While earlier, organic baby care products were only available in food, this trend has recently expanded into other categories, including baby diapers and clothing. According to the Data Bridge Market Research, the Indian organic baby care products market is expected to grow 16.9% annually by 2027.

Chemical preservatives in natural baby care products

It is important for parents to choose products that are free of chemicals. Many non-organic baby care products contain chemical preservatives and artificial fragrance. These products are harmful to the baby’s skin and can cause contact dermatitis and skin sensitization. Organic baby products, on the other hand, are made with natural fragrance and color, as well as preservatives and preservative-free ingredients.

There are two types of chemical preservatives in the market. The first is triclosan and the second is paraben. These two types of chemicals are known to cause allergies in some people. While parabens and triclosan are considered safe, they are harmful at high concentrations. They have also been linked to microbial resistance.

Parabens are a class of alkyl esters. They are highly effective at extending the shelf life of products. They are cheap and are used in a wide range of products. While some of them are banned by the European Union for cosmetics, others are not. Some of the most common parabens are methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

Cost of natural baby care products

The costs of baby & infant care products are increasing due to increased awareness among parents. More Indians are becoming conscious of the importance of the health and nutrition of their children. As a result, more parents are turning to natural and biological products for their children. A strong distribution network is important to give young parents confidence and loyalty to a brand.

Today, parents are more concerned with the safety of products for their children than the price. As a result, there is a growing market for natural baby care products in India. While earlier, the organic market in India was dominated by the food sector, recent growth has been in the baby care and skincare industry. By 2020, the market for organic baby care products is expected to be worth Rs10,000-12,000 crore.

Natural baby care products are available in the market for a relatively low price. Some of the products can be purchased online or at a local retail outlet for less than INR 160. Some brands use safe colours and fabrics for their products, which are safe for baby’s skin. Some of these products are manufactured by Himalaya Drug Company, Dabur India Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Pigeon India Private Limited, Artsana India Private Limited, and others.

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