Locale Emulator Windows 10, 7 [How To Fix This Error]

Locale Emulator

Locale Emulator – Locale emulator proffers the stimulation function, which has the ability to recognize the operating system as in language dissimilar from the real one. It is pretty much similar to tools like NTLEA and Applocale, which are alternatives to Locale Emulator. Many gamers prefer using the Locale Emulator to run the country-specific games, which may be prohibited in one’s country.

Locale Emulator is a free, open-source program, which runs on the Microsoft Windows to run the program in different Locale instead of the operating system’s default locale. The emulator is developed especially to play games, which are not allowed in a specific country or asks for the particular Locale. It is compatible with all kinds of applications or games. It is because the built-in feature would use the Locale as the default.

Locale Emulator

Locale Emulator

Sometimes, it fails to run if the device utilizes the locale, which cannot be supported by it officially. For example, if a game is rolled out in India, you will be required with the Indian system to make it work.

How does It work?

Locale emulator’s in-built features include an installer, which assists in running the program in a different locale to the explorer context menu. You need to move the archive to the perpetual location before installation. You’ll not be able to move afterward. Files under the folder are obligatory to make the emulator work perfectly fine.

Right-click on any executable file, select the locale emulator and select the available locales to run executable by using that emulated locale.

The Japanese support is already included in the emulator. Use the global profile configuration window in order to add support to several locales if required.

How to Install & Upgrade

Step 1: Download the .exe file

Step 2: Extract all files into a folder

(Note: once downloaded, it does not let you move the files)

Step 3: Run LEInstaller.exe

Step 4: Choose to press the Install or Upgrade button

Step 5: You will now see “Locale Emulator” menu in the context menu

What if it does not work?

It is compatible and works well in most cases. However, you may encounter issues not very often. In such cases, the aforementioned 64-bit program is the cause. For instance, the program would not emulate another locale. To figure it out, create another account on the OS and switch the locales for such accounts to the preferred one. Click on “run as other users” to run the programs, which denies working for the main account.

Installation Issues you may Encounter

  1. Downloading not successful as it is blocked by Google Chrome
  2. The anti-virus in the system detects it as a virus


  • Context Menu Support
  • Simulate the regions
  • Ability to run the country-specific games and applications

 Windows Compatibility


It is compatible with 32 and 64-bit –

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1

It supports 32-bit .exe running on 64-bit systems as well as 32-bit. However, if you are using 64-bit WinRAR, the context menu is visible on a RAR file with a 64-bit version only.

Local Emulator For MAC Systems


Locale emulator can be downloaded from various trusted websites. The free version of such sites usually takes 30 seconds to begin the downloading. If you are unable to see the file, try using another platform to download or simply post in the comment section, the community members will assuredly help.

Head over to the ‘Request File’ feature if still no files are found. If you are already registered, download the files directly from the available file hosts. Just copy the URL from a third party website and paste it, we will get all the files ready to be downloaded.


Locale Emulator is a handy program for users who want to play country-specific games. The performance is not bad but may appeal to a small section of gamers only. Note that locale emulator once download does not go away from your system easily. There are no ways suggested by the developers to uninstall it.

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