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PS1 Emulator

PS1 Emulator – A PlayStation emulator is an application that emulates gaming console, further allowing gamers to play their PlayStation games on PC. All that you need to get going is the game disc or a copy of it.

So, does it become easy to play classic games? Well, generally it is expensive to find an old game. However, if you have emulators, you can play for free. Let’s understand this with an example.

PS1 Emulator

PS1 Emulator

Let’s say your favorite classic games are being released with 50 games. Now you want to play a classic game that is not on the list. With emulators, you can play all the games on your PC and Android device.

There are various PS1 Emulators available online for Android and PC. If you are finding it difficult to choose which one would work, do take a look at our list of our 5 best PS1 Emulators.

PS 1 Emulators for PC and Android Devices

  1. PCSX Reloaded4

If you are looking for a standalone PS1 emulator, then PCSX Reloaded can be a great choice. It is easy to configure and supports virtually every game for the classic console. It also supports any computer system compatible gamepad. So, you can go ahead and attach your DualShock controller for a real experience.

  1. BizHawk

BizHawk is basically a plugin that runs onMednafen Emulator. Hence, it becomes necessary to download both programs. You can record games and take advantage of Save States. Mednafenis one of the popular emulators that supports Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, PSX emulation, Sega Genesis, WonderSwan, etc. To use Mednafen, you would have to download the BIOS files for it to work. Itexecute via CPU’s command line. In case you are not familiar with codes, you can download MedGUI Reborn/ MetroMed to create a layout that is easy to understand.

  1. ePSXe (Supports PC, Mac, Linux, Android)

ePSXe is a reliable best in quality PS1 emulation. You can enjoy multiplayer games with ePSXe. Thanks to the OpenGL enhanced graphics support and the split-screen option feature. Like other good emulators, this also offers to save and load states. It helps gamers to pick up right from where you left easily. Though it is free for PC, Mac, and Linux. However, you will have to shed a few dollars on the Google Play Store if you are looking to play on Android. ePSXe Emulator was last updated in 2016.

  1. RetroArch(frontend for a suite of emulators to be placed at one place)

If you are having issues using Mednafen as a standalone emulator, you can consider RetroArch. RetroArch is compatible withNetPlaywhich means it can play select games online. With RetroArch too, you will have to download BIOS files to play games on it.

  1. FPse

FPse was designed especially for Andriod devices. It allows you to compress ROMs. This way, you don’t use storage space unnecessarily. It supports Android compatible gamepads and touchscreen controls. FPsecan scale the resolution has a cheat code menu and has saved and load states. You will have to shed approximately $3.63 for this one.

  1. Classicboy

ClassicBoy is another popular PS1 emulator for a prime reason that it can emulate a variety of applications. It also supports external drivers helping you to connect multiple players on one device.

  1. Matsu

 Matsu is said to be one of the best emulators because of its appreciable features like stable and safe. Though it performs well, it is heavily loaded with the advertisement that may trouble you between the game.


We found that playing on a high-end gaming computer system is much more fun than an Android device. Further, we think ePSXe is the best Emulator so far for PS 1, while FPse comes at a cost. If you like the free version of Matsu emulator and are thinking of buying the premium version, we suggest you instead go for either ePSXe or FPse. Having said that, we would not deny the fact that Matsu is an effective and reliable emulator we have ever come across. Emulator, like the popular Mednafen, works with a plugin called Bizhawk. Don’t wait for the Playstation classic anymore. Try one of these!

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