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iOS Emulator for PC, Windows 7, 8, 10, Apk, Vista [Free Download]

iOS Emulator for PC

iOS Emulator for PC – If you want the most secure OS of the world, then go for Apple’s ios without any hesitation. It is highly secure and has strong control over the App Store. There is a minimum to zero chances of malware. Apple ios have quite stringent policies regarding the privacy of the users. There are some 3rd party apps that keep a close check on the entire security system. Also, there are multiple apps and services that you will be able to enjoy exclusively on an iPhone or iPad only.

If you want to use Apple ios but right now do not have enough budget to splurge on an Apple iPhone, there is nothing to get disheartened about. You can try ios emulators easily on your PC to enjoy the facilities and features offered by an Apple ios. You will be able to run the ios App Store on your PC conveniently with these emulators’ help. The emulator will help you to download, install, and run all the iPhone apps on your PC.

iOS Emulator for PC

iOS Emulator for PC

An emulator is just like any other software that helps your computer system to behave like any other computer system. An ios emulator will create an ios ecosystem in your PC so that you can use different ios apps on your OPC itself.

Top ten ios emulators:


If you are an app developer, then this emulator will, for sure, be of great help to you. You will get some of the most robust features with the Smartface emulator. This emulator specifically caters to all the needs of a professional app developer. With Smartaface, you can easily develop ios apps on your Windows PC. The emulator allows you to test the app on different screen resolutions. It allows cross-platform development and works as an ios debugger. The user interface is simple and devoid of any kind of complications.

iPhone Simulator

This is for those who want to play iPhone-centric games and run apps on their laptops or PCs. The emulator is meant for playing different types of ios games. So the graphics quality is too good. If you are looking for the perfect emulator for playing ios games on your PC, then you can go for this one without much ado.


This is again a highly popular ios emulator. The emulator comes with a simple, sober, and clean interface. The interface is much similar to that of the iPad. You need to simply install the iPadian, which will allow you to play the games or run your chosen apps. The emulator efficiently simulates the ios interface on your PC. You will get a lot of apps to choose from. You need to have Adobe Air on your PC in order to run this emulator. The emulator requires less amount of power for running. You can play games or run apps without any disturbance. It has its own native app store form, where you can download millions of apps.

This one is another emulator, great for app testing and development purposes. You will get a free trial period. You can check for all the features during this free trial period and then can decide whether to buy the premium version or not. You will not get an IDE for app development with this emulator. Because of its ease of use and lots of features, app developers prefer to use this emulator. It is quite a lightweight emulator that does not ask for much storage. It allows users to develop cross-platform apps over the cloud. The emulator is compatible with all the versions of Windows.

This emulator will be your perfect choice if you want an easy, hassle-free installation process. Also, it offers lots of free services. Using this emulator is extremely easy. The specialty of this emulator is its orientation towards simplicity. All you need to do is to sync your App bundle with this emulator, and you are sorted! You can use this emulator for both playing iPhone exclusive games as well as testing and developing apps.

Air iPhone

If you already have knowledge regarding Adobe Air Framework, then try Air iPhone. This one will really impress you with its amazing performance. The emulator will form a virtual screen on your laptop. This screen will resemble the screen of an iPhone. It is quite easy to install this emulator. The emulator will give you a complete feel of the iPhone.

Xamarin TestFlight

This is an official emulator of Apple meant for testing apps on Windows. You will find it a tad bit difficult to use this emulator in the beginning. But once you start using it, gradually you will get used to all the technicalities. Professional app developers find this emulator exceedingly useful.

iPad Simulator

This one is a Chrome extension. So you will come across no obstacles in installing the simulator. The interface resembles that of the iPad. The simulator allows you to use iPad features like Siri and iMessenger on your PC. The extension enables you to store apps in the cloud with the help of drag and drop features.


This is, again, a Chrome extension. It saves a great deal of time in the installation process. It is a tiny extension that helps you test old and new apps on your PC. Irrespective of its small size. The emulator is too good as it offers multiple beneficial features for the app developers.


This emulator lets gamers enjoy iPhone exclusive games on Windows PC. App developers also use it for app testing. You can run different apps on your PC with the help of this emulator. You can run this emulator even on your old, average PC without any difficulty.


Which one is your pick from the list? Next time you find yourself in confusion about which ios emulator to use, refer to this article, and all your doubts will vanish! Do share this information with others who may benefit from this piece of information. Also, let us know your experience once you’ve used these emulators.

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