How To Create A Paperless Office Step By Step

A paperless office system reduces clutter and enhances organization, efficiency, and streamlines reporting. Deciding to go paperless is a smart way to minimize an organization’s carbon footprint. It also improves transparency in daily business operations. 

Going paperless also helps to save costs. The great part is that it is easy to transition from a paper-based office system to a paperless system. The tools that you need are readily available and are easy to integrate into your business operations. So, how do you create a paperless office for efficiency?

Step by Step Tips to Switch to a Paperless Office

Without any doubt, many benefits are associated with switching to a paperless office. The best part is that the right tools that you need to make the transition are readily available. In this part, we will look at the easy steps to create a paperless office.

Digitize Your Paper Documentations

The cost of maintaining and managing a paper-based documentation system is huge and so also is the time invested in the process. However, when you digitize the paper documentation system of your business, you can cut down on expenses and have a more efficient workflow. 

One of the major reasons for printing documents is to share information and collect signatures to validate contracts. This process can be digitized, including the signature collection. With the Signature Generator solution, an organization can resolve its major reason to print papers. 

Signature Generator allows users to sign documents digitally and also share the same document to collect signatures from multiple signing parties. This means that if you have multiple parties to a contract signing activity, you do not need to print the document. 

You can eliminate the process of printing, signing, scanning, and sharing documents manually when you use this digital signature platform. So, how do you create and share documents for signatures on this platform? Visit the Signature Generator site and upload your document. 

You can also use any of the templates available on the platform to create the document. When you are done, share the link with the signing parties. Here are the simple steps to sign documents on the platform:

  • Visit the Signature Generator site through the link to gain access to the file.
  • Carefully review the contract document and when you are done, click on the e-sign tool on the platform. 
  • Draw, type, or upload your signature in the open box.
  • Drag the signature to space for signature on the document.
  • Save the document and download it. 

These are the four easy steps to sign a paper online through the Signature Generator website. It is easy and seamless.

Invest in a Paperless Filing System

There are numerous document management software options that can replace traditional filing cabinets. With this, you can get rid of all cabinets and physical storage space in your workspace. The great part about going paperless is that you free your office space from unnecessary furniture. 

It also saves you the cost of maintaining a physical storage space. The best part is that these paperless filing software tools are affordable and easy to use. They make the transition into a paperless office very easy and smooth.

Get Rid of Copiers and Printers from the Office

When your team has easy access to the printers and copiers, it will become more difficult for them to do without printing. However, if you remove all printers and copiers from desktops and instead replace them with a centralized network printer that is located in a general area of the office, the use will be limited. 

To make it more difficult for your team to access the printers, you can enable password and logging access. This will restrict their use to only when it is necessary. It will also help you to track and manage the usage and significantly reduce abuse.

Integrate Business Operations

In transitioning to a paperless office environment, your employees should have the wherewithal to file original documents within the applications they use in creating the document. This may require that their account on the software they use. For instance, their Microsoft Office accounts can be connected to the document management software used by the organization. 

This will improve the implementation of saving and retrieving files. With this, it because easy to automate the workflow of the organization. Your team can also easily implement digital signature software and store paperless documents from the same platform seamlessly.

Benefits of Creating a Paperless Office

The first thing that must be established is that transitioning from a paper-based system to a paperless office may not happen overnight. However, the benefits that accrue to the process are worth every effort put into it. Here are some of these benefits:

Significant Cost Reduction

When you consider the cost of paper, printer, toner, ink, and maintenance can add up really quickly. Switching to a paperless office, therefore, saves money as your business can cut down on the cost associated with paper management.

Secure Access

Irrespective of the location of your team members, they can access official sensitive documents. You can also share documents with suppliers and clients electronically and these documents can also be signed digitally from any location in the world. 

These documents are secure because only people with the access credentials would be able to gain access to them. It is recommended that you use a strong username and password to keep sensitive documents safe and secure on digital platforms.

Workflow Automation

A paperless office makes it easy to find documents. You never have to worry about spending hours digging through folders and file cabinets to locate documents. A digitized system allows you to soft through documents with few clicks and you can easily pull out documents without stress. You can create invoices, receipts, and store the same without a single paper print.


Choosing to go paperless is a smart decision because it offers numerous benefits in the long run. In this post, we have looked at the step-by-step process of creating a paperless office. We have also examined some of the benefits that are associated with a paperless office system. 

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