Best N64 Emulator for PC, Mac, Android, Windows, PSP, Download

Best N64 Emulator for PC

Best N64 Emulator for PC – N64 is a fifth-generation gaming console developed by Nintendo. It was released in 1996, and this gaming console was very popular at that time of period. Near about 32 million units were sold worldwide.

Hence in this article, we discussed the N64 emulator for PC because it was discontinued in 2003. We showed the emulators which can be useful by gamers if you want to play N64 games.

Best N64 Emulator for PC

Best N64 Emulator for PC

The most selling game of this console was super Mario 64 and it is popular than many other games because of its features. You can check about this console on Wikipedia easily. Emulation is very easy and anyone can use it.

1-Project 64


This emulator was produced in 2001 and it is written in C language. At that period when it is released it was quite popular for windows. This is one of the best and highly demanded emulators.

The size of this emulator is small in size and it is a highly rated emulator. Also, this software is fully open-source to everyone. There are lots of emulators available on the market but this is one of the best on the market.

Feature of N64 emulator:


  • This emulator is small in size and shape which is good for the system.
  • Games can be easily loaded in one click.
  • We can change the languages easily.
  • Easy control plugins.
  • Available for Windows as well as android platforms.

This emulator is the most usable and easy to use. It is one of the fast and speedy emulators.

1-Nemu 64


This is another best emulator. It is also a compact emulator for windows. It does not require any special installation process and it can run smoothly with good quality performance.

It has many silent features like it provides multiplayer support offline also. It is compatible with gamepad and joystick. It can save and load game states anytime.

2-1964 Nintendo 64 emulator for PC


It is one of the popular emulators which are available for android also. It has the same features as the last two emulators mentioned above but it can support additional ROM customization and custom ROM support.

By using this emulator you can create own cheats and customization for games while using this emulator. Sometimes it stops the game and causes the played game to crash unexpectedly, but it can be resumed by clicking the pause button and then tap the play button key.

3-Supra HLE


As we mentioned the above emulators are very easy to use but this type of emulator is not easy to use in general. It can be only operated by pro users. This high level of the emulator is one of the best.

It offers advanced configuration options from the video plugin. It works smoothly in Windows 7.

4-Ultra HLE


This is another high-level emulator with advanced performance and options. It comes with the inbuilt debugger to debug game errors. It is not helpful for windows 10 system due to the absence of old gfx video plugins.

5-Mupen64 plus:


This is one the emulator which provides you some premium features and it is free available in the play store. Some of its version being paid regarding donation on google play store.

It gives features like compatibility as it was not easy to use with most of its users. Most of the games run on this emulator but some games cannot be run by this emulator because of its settings.

Mupen64 plus is easily available on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, MAC, and android. You can download the latest version from its respective site.



It is the only N64 emulator that is available over cross platforms and covers platforms such as windows. MAC, Linux, ios and android. It gives quality performance according to its features.

It can do auto scanning for saved files as well as it can remap controls, save and load states. It is impressive because of its qualities and a lot more. It is free for use and open-source emulator.

Classic by It is a multi-system emulator with support of SNK NeoGeo, NES and PlayStation. For this emulator, you will need a small amount of money to pay for full version gameplay as a donation.

It has its own set of features along with some common features. It can support sensors, load states, gesture control and much more. Anyone can try it before buying the emulator.

The Nintendo 64 emulator was very popular back then and this was used by many operators for its outstanding performance. It has its place on the race of emulators. It worked with many legendary games like ocarina of time, perfect dark, fable, and pokemon stadium. It was one of the last consoles that use cartridges.

Nowadays everyone likes high-end games and in this era, N64 can’t mark its way here. However, we can still play these famous games on today’s platform.

In this article, we tried to show some best N64 emulator and we have covered the entire feature related to this emulator. It is exciting to know about all these emulators which are still allowing us to play our favorite games.

N64 is more powerful than sony’s PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Nintendo was selling its machine on the merits of its quick-loading cartridge system. It has a 64-bit architecture. The hardware can support the classic such as late perfect dark and goldeneye. It was not fair enough for Nintendo to acquire over the crowd.

These emulators base on parameters like performance, compatibility, availability, and features. All these emulators listed above are best in their ways.


The above-mentioned emulators are the best in quality with its unique features. All these emulators can download it from their respective sites. We mentioned almost all the features of the best N64 emulators in this article. Hence it is clear that Nintendo N64 was the best of its period and they provide many features to use in games. (Best N64 Emulator for PC)

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