How to Draw a Soccer Player – Step-by-Step guide

How to Draw a Soccer Player

How to Draw a Soccer Player – Step-by-Step guide

Becoming a soccer player is many boys’ and grown men’s ultimate dream. If you are one of them or just a football fan, this drawing tutorial is for you! We have devised a step-by-step approach to drawing a soccer player, restated in 9 quick and easy steps. Each instruction is paired with an illustration as a visual guide as you follow the steps. The fun of this drawing tutorial is that you can customize the soccer party, including his appearance, livery, and more. You can even create it to look like you if you want!

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How to Draw a Soccer Player – let’s Get Initiated!

Step 1

Start by outlining the football helmet on top of your paper. This ensures that there is enough space for the footballer’s entire body. The hoof’s shape should be rounded at the top and flat at the bottom, as shown in the illustration above. This makes the cover of the football helmet. Make sure the outline of the helmet is drawn in the right place by creating reference lines. Draw a horizontal and vertical intersecting line and use these lines as a guide. The excellent line above the lying rope scores where you should draw the football helmet.

Step 2

Draw an irregular square with no bottom line in the lower half of the hoof’s outline. This forms the helmet’s opening where the football player’s face is. The introduction of the helmet must cover its lower half.

Step 3

Draw shapes of thin connected lines that cover the opening of the helmet. This includes the face mask, which helps furnish additional guards for the soccer player. As you can see in the illustration above, the lines at the top of the front curve slightly downwards, while those at the bottom angle upwards. Feel gratis to use the illustration as a principle! Don’t forget to obliterate any part of the system that overlaps with the face disguise. This helps keep your drawing clean, tidy, and, most importantly, polished.

Step 4

Continue drawing a V-shaped line just below the middle of the football helmet. This forms the neckline of the jersey worn by the footballer. Then remove a short sleeve on each side of the neckline. This includes the left and fitting sleeves of the soccer jersey.

Step 5

Draw an arm with a hand sticking out of the right sleeve. Then draw a weird oval shape with tapered ends to make the soccer ball. Make sure the soccer ball is beneath your hand. When drawn correctly, it should look like the hands are holding the ball. Don’t forget to draw four fingers on the left side of the ball to form the fingers of the left hand, thus completing the soccer player’s arms and hands.

Step 6

Finish the top of the shirt by drawing the hem of the shirt. Then remove a pair of shorts under the jersey to complete the jersey uniform the soccer player is wearing. Make sure to add a sharply curved line to form the crotch of the shorts to make it look more realistic!

Step 7

Continue drawing parallel lines just below the left leg opening of the t-shirt shorts. Next, remove a shoe facing to the right side. Later, add a line that encloses the toe box and another to form the sole. Reprise the same step on the other shorts’ leg space to create the proper foot.

Step 8

Soccer jerseys have distinctive patterns, so that’s exactly what we’ll be drawing in this step. Draw two parallel vertical lines across the hull until you reach the opening. Then draw another line parallel to the V-shaped neckline of the shirt. Then draw a vertical line on both sides of the shorts. Don’t forget to add a slightly curved vertical line from the top of the ball to the bottom.

Step 9

In this step, we will draw the features of the footballer’s face. He continues to draw two thick, curved lines to form arched eyebrows. Then draw an upright oval shape with two small circles inside, just below each eyebrow. For the nose, draw an oval shape on its side. Now draw an upward curve to put a broad smile on the soccer player’s face, making him look extremely happy! Since the mask covers some parts of the beginning, the footballer’s nose and mouth will only be partially visible. Now that we have successfully drawn a soccer player, it is finally time for the most exciting step: fill in the colors of your drawing!

The colors you will use for the soccer player are entirely up to you! But here’s a tip that you may find helpful when coloring the soccer player’s skin: Mix white, red, yellow, and blue colors to create a custom skin tone color. Depending on your desired complexion, you may need to add more colors. For the soccer player uniform, you can use the colors of your favorite soccer team or choose a unique color set. Either way, we’re sure the colors will look aesthetically pleasing!

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