Finding The Right Career

The beginning steps to getting to the next level in your career as seen on Naija gist are:

  • Identify what the next level looks like.
  • Track your accomplishments.
  • Identify your personal brand.
  • Start talking to people and thinking often about what you are wanting.
  • Plan your networking.
  • Be on the lookout for the right opportunity

But let’s discuss what is career success about.

It is about taking responsibility for yourself.

Your career is your own and it belongs to no one else. You have within you the power to create it, to live it as an expression of your unique talents and energy. The other choice is to work at the whim of others, not usually a positive place to be since it is difficult to be inspired and enthusiastic when you believe the choice was someone else’s. Instead, be empowered knowing that you are in control! You may not always choose the activities of your day or if you are listening to music on blogs but you do choose the spirit in which you complete each task. Focus on what you are doing and enjoy the process. Spend some time working to understand yourself in order to better communicate that to your personal network, potential employers, clients, project managers, and partners to secure the best-fit opportunities for you at any moment in time.

It is about creating your future.

It involves self-reflection, learning, researching, planning, and/or talking a little every day about accomplishments, potential, and opportunity. It is not an obsessive thing though. It is more about going with the flow in a productive manner yet always honoring where you are right now in the process so that your day-to-day work is a source of fulfillment and positive energy.

It is about choices.

Career and personal development is an ever-evolving process of making more and better distinctions between who you are and what you want during different phases of your life. Career development is influenced by your whole life…your own changing roles as well as personal and economic circumstances. You will be choosing, again and again, to create the path of your personal career development throughout your lifetime. You will also make choices each day about how you feel about your work and the attitude and energy you will bring to it and take from it or learn from movies on music channels.

It is about rapid change.

Today’s world of work is highly competitive and in a constant state of flux. We can no longer expect to stay with the same company for 20 years and then retire. The current environment is much more dynamic with many more opportunities for success when an individual properly manages their own career and personal development

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