How To Start Selling On Online Marketplaces

In the last few years the popularity of online marketplaces has risen consistently, opening an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to develop a sustainable income selling online. 

If you want to start reselling on online platforms such as Mercari, the first thing to do will be to download the app, you can do it easily from your phone or any device with access to the internet, the app would be available on App Store, or Google Play.

Once you have the app, the next step would be to make an account, this only takes a few minutes, and you are all set to start reselling through the app. Is recommended to learn about the rules of the platform, some of them have lists of items that users are not allowed to sell, for example, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Following the terms of service can prevent suspentions and sanctions on the account. Platforms like Mercari invest a lot of resources on maintaining the safety of their users.

Cross posting is key to increase sells

If your goal is to develop a sustainable income selling on Mercari, cross posting is a must. But, What is it?, essentially means posting the same item on different marketplace platforms, the main objective of this is to gain visibility, the more people see that offer, the more are likely to buy it.

There are mainly two ways to cross post, one is manually, the seller posts the same item on different platforms, one by one. This is easy to do, but it takes time, and is usually recommended to one time users. If you have a large inventory, cross posting manually could take a lot of useful time, the good news is that there are apps that could do this job for you.

Cross posting apps are software that lets users cross post over many marketplaces at the same time, saving the user a lot of time that could be used to develop marketing strategies or interact with clients.

Another advantage of using cross-posting apps is that some of them even track your stock, preventing you from leaving active listings on any of the platforms you post.

Overall cross posting software has become one of the most valuable resource sellers have to increase their trading, and reach out to a larger customer base.

Know your customers and their needs

Online selling is a very comfortable way to shop, buyers can purchase almost anything online, the only disadvantage is that they cannot see, or touch the product themselves. One of the ways they get a reference on what they are buying, and from whom, are the reviews of prior clients. Building a trustworthy reputation is essential to gain the trust of potential clients, this is why it is most important to know what buyers think about your products, and how their customer experience was. 

The right time to post

Visibility is important if you want to sell an item, there are many variables that have an impact on the algorithm of marketplaces platforms, some sellers say that the platforms favor new listings over olds. Knowing this is important to keep in mind to renew posts, and list new ones on buying dates, such as mothers day, or Christmas .

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