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DS Emulator Android

DS Emulator Android – Nintendo DS shook the market and changed the gaming industry in one swoop. Nintendo upped the whole gaming standards with the DS. Although Ds was very costly during the initial release, the company has sold over 150 million units. Now in 2020, Playstation and Xbox are conquering the gaming industry, and still, some people would like to enjoy playing Nintendo DS.

Yes, the gaming devices have become very advanced and are more superior to older gaming consoles, but there’s a kid in every person that likes to revisit the good old’ Nintendo DS days. The following list contains all Emulators that you can download on your android phone and take a trip down memory lane:

DS Emulator Android

DS Emulator Android

  1. EmuBox

Emubox was recently launched and yet has some of the largest fan bases. From PlayStation to Nintendo DS, this app is compatible with quite a lot of systems. This emulator has material design and an easy interface, making it easy for the user to navigate.

The app is clean, although few ads pop up now and then, which can be a little irritating; if you can bear ads, then this is an excellent emulator to download on your android phone. The emulator does have minor bug issues that can lag your game once in a while, but apart from that, there are no complaints with this emulator.

  1. NDS Emulator

 NDS Emulator is one of the most popular downloaded emulators from google play. Due to the absence of advertisements, this particular emulator has won many hearts. This emulator gives you maximum functionality like saving games, customizable gamepads, etc. This emulator has you covered when it comes to options.

Along with its advantages, this app has its disadvantages too. You cannot save a game if you are not connected to an internet connection. There also haven’t been many complaints about frame drops and such.

  1. RetroArch

 Many emulators out there serve the purpose of playing other console games on an android device, but this app lets you create your games, programs, etc. This is an excellent advantage for those who want to explore more of the gaming world. Although this isn’t useful to many users, this is a good option for those who want to explore gaming more.

After installing the app, you have to install the desired systems using this app separately, and then you can play games. This is a drawback, but it has its perks. This is an open-source program, and the developers are still improving the game.

  1. Super NDS

 This is a suitable replacement for your Nintendo DS. You need a ROM for this app to play the games. ROM allows users to play games of any file, which can be convenient compared to playing without ROM. It has many features that might need a bit of searching to get used to it, but these features are useful for gamers. Since the app is new, it may crash more often than usual, but improvements will be made via updates.

  1. NDS Boy

 The requirement for downloading this application is a minimum of 2GB RAM and a quad-core processor. This application works well on android phones, which run on Android 6 or above version. The app doesn’t work well on old mobile phones. Using this application, the game you have played will automatically get saved thanks to its auto-save feature.

It supports RAR, ZIP, and many more files that other emulators usually don’t help. If you often forget to save your game, this emulator has you covered.

  1. Pretendo NDS

 This app has a clean interface and plenty of features; everything on this emulator feels smooth due to its interface. The developers have stopped developing or improving this app many years ago.

You can customize the layout of joysticks and buttons according to your preference. This emulator supports cheat code too to satisfy the critical gamer in you.

  1. NDS4DROID Emulator

 This is a free emulator that you can download on your android phone via Google Play store. One of this emulator’s drawbacks is that many users have complained about frame drops and no proper saving. This can affect the overall experience of the game. The graphics are also good and crisp, they aren’t perfect, but it will get the job done.

The most significant pull about this emulator is that it is an open-source application, and there are quite a few advantages if an emulator is open-source.

  1. MegaNDS

This emulator isn’t exactly better than the other emulators, but it sure is a good emulator for you to use. This application supports files like .rar, .zip, .nds, etc. Many emulators don’t usually support these files, but this particular emulator does support a game in any format.

You can run games and customize the layout without any major issues. The application also supports cheat codes just in case the game feels tough.

  1. The NDS pocket of the simulator

You can search for ROM directly on this application, so it will cut the time that you spend on the internet searching for ROMs. If you are interested, you can even upload your ROMs too. The emulator is fast and clean, and unlike other applications or emulators, this one doesn’t contain ads. This is a massive advantage for the users who want the best example whilst using an emulator.

  1. DraStic DS Emulator

All the applications mentioned above are entirely free and can be downloaded from the Playstore without extra cost. This particular will cost you a couple of dollars, but the amount of features this application provides, the investment feels worth it. You can save your games and play with cheat codes, adjust the screen size, etc.


Free emulators are definitely good, but they always bug you with ads, which can ruin the overall experience. Still, if you can spare $5, you should go for DraStic DS, which has many features and options that can be very useful whilst gaming. If you think this is an amazing piece of article and worth sharing with other gamer friends, please do so. If you are someone who has used any of these and want to share anything that can be helpful for other gamers and readers of this post, feel free to write a comment.

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