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Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks Emulator – As soon as people hear about games, they think about their gaming equipment. Most of the people believe that gamers have high-tech customized PCs and setups. Well, some do have such things, and some prefer to play on mobile phones.

The mobile phones they used to play are not ordinary sets. It has the best processor and huge RAM to support all kinds of games. The screen with top specs will give rich gaming quality, but some games are better to play on giant screens than small mobile phones.

Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks Emulator

Many successful mobile gaming companies have restricted their best games only to mobile phones. There is no need to worry because Bluestacks Emulators has been helping players in this aspect since 2011. It is an emulator software that allows people to play their favorite mobile games on PCs and laptops. Bluestacks is the famous Android emulator that most of the gamers suggest to the people.

All the mobile games of different categories are available in the Bluestacks Emulator. Also, you can find the popular, best, and top games in the top chart tab. These games are updated frequently so that the player can play the recent trending games.

The top 10 popular games to play on Bluestacks are:

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Mobile

There could be many third-person shooting games available for Android, but nothing can beat the realistic graphics and gameplay of PUBG. It comes under the Battle Royale category of gaming, and it has acquainted more than millions of players in a concise time. The laptop or PC should have respective gaming specs for better gameplay; otherwise, it is just a waste of time.

It also has single and multiplayer options, so team up with your friends and win battles now. The in-game controls offer a realistic gaming quality, but it is hard to layout all controls on the screen and play effectively. In laptops, the controls are easy to navigate using the keyboard without any disturbances. So why restrict the quality of gameplay on a small screen when Bluestacks Emulator lets you play on your PC or laptop.

Rules Of Survival

It is also a Battle Royale game published recently as a competition to PUBG. Even though it hasn’t beaten the fame of PUBG, it still manages to be a popular game in Android. All the gameplay contents are similar, except they have changed the maps and modes’ names and compromised the graphics. It is also a multiplayer game, so team up, work together, and beat the players to win the game. You can also use the currencies awarded to you to purchase characters, suits, weapon skins, and other stuff. The bigger layout and keyboard navigation provides a better gaming experience than on mobile phones. Some people like to play Rules of Survival in Bluestacks than in the mobile phone, making it one of the popular games to play in the emulator.

Don’t worry, people, Free Fire is also available in Bluestacks, and it is an alternative for PUBG and Rules of Survival with the same level of popularity.

Crossfire Legends

CS: GO is one of the popular online multiplayer first-person shooting games, but it is not available on mobile phones. Crossfire Legend is a popular mobile game, which is a near similar replica of CS: GO. The well-defined maps with perfect graphic quality and the player can also change the weapon in every round. The gaming modes are different but similar to the concept of PUBG. Crossfire Legends offers more features than PUBG, so people like to experience the game to its extent using Bluestacks. The defined layout provides a real battle like the situation with its dynamic sound effects.

Iron Throne

Bluestacks has a variety of games that also include strategy games. When it comes to strategy, the Iron Throne is the popular game suggested by many people. It is a simple and compact game where you have to improvise your kingdom in every aspect. Realistic, high-quality graphics offer better gameplay. It is such a waste not to notice the real clarity of the game. Bluestacks brings out these effects and satisfies all the needs of the player. The experience makes you feel like a real king and queen. Raid other lands and occupy their territories and rule wise.

Lords Mobile

It is also a compact strategy based game that offers more fun through the gameplay. The graphics make it look like a game for children, but many players are adults. You can raid others and loot their resources to build your empire. The battles are really where you can change the format of attack and weapons and soldiers. Bluestacks brings out the real quality of the game in the bigger screens. People like to play Lord Mobile in Emulators for more fun. King of Avalon is another alternative app for Lords Mobile and Iron Throne that people play in the emulator than in phones.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

RPG’s are fun to play because they have a specific story that builds the game’s interest. Mobile Legend is one of the popular RPGs that people prefer to play in their PCs and laptops. It is also a multiplayer battle game where you have to guard your base and defeat the enemy bases for resources. The graphics make it look like a child’s play, but it is better and fun in many ways. Many people are addicted to this game because of its quality of gameplay. Why top it on a small screen when you can feel the realistic experience through Bluestacks. Play your favorite Mobile Legends on your PC now to experience a whole new level of gameplay.

Marvel Strike Force

Who doesn’t like superheroes? It all comes to MARVEL and DC Comics when people talk about superheroes. Marvel Strike Force is an official franchise of MARVEL that offers an adventurous journey and a chance to defeat the evil and bad guys. Unfortunately, this game is available only on mobile phones, but there are no such excuses for Bluestacks users. Join the superheroes clan and save the world, but do not restrict the phone’s quality when there is a chance to experience more.

Guns Of Glory

Bluestacks is well suited for strategy, role-playing, adventure, and shooting action games. It is always these games that top the chart lists. The Guns of Glory is still found in the famous list of Bluestacks. Build up your army and raid others for resources. The adventurous journey brings up many tasks and makes the game more interesting. The weapons are fun to use and can be customized and level up to increase power. Be a winner with Bluestacks when others struggle to look deeper into their mobile screens.

Match Town Makeover

It is the only popular puzzle game in Bluestacks. People still wonder how it made the popular list, but it is clear that many people love to play this game. The gameplay is simple and easy. Renovate the town by solving the puzzles and make it better and bring back its fame and popularity. Speed the development process and add new attractive things to your city with simple steps. It is the best time pass and mind relaxing fun game, which the Bluestacks make it more exciting and fun.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

It is another role-playing adventure game with a fantasy story gameplay. The game is suggested for mature players because it includes some violence and blood content everywhere. The Walking Dead brings out the real experience of what you would do in a zombie apocalypse. Survive the zombie’s situation and complete the tasks and kill the zombies and save humanity. The graphics and gameplay are better and engaging in PCs and laptops than on mobile phones. Use Bluestacks to experience real-life gameplay of The Walking Dead.


These are the top 10 popular games that people prefer to play in laptops and PCs using Bluestacks Emulator. It also has all the mobile games to play your favorite Android game on the bigger screen now. Bluestacks is easy to install and navigate, and you have to delete and install new versions every time after launching an update. Try Bluestacks and make your gameplay more exciting and fun.

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