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10 Android Emulators for Windows 10, PC, Linux, Ubuntu, Apk

Android Emulators

Android Emulators – We look for things that are super easy to use and make our lives easy regularly. One such software and or hardware is the Android emulator. It allows you to use most of the Android applications on your windows laptop. We don’t think you would wonder why someone would need this.

It is quite obvious, isn’t it? The bigger the screen, the better. Also, having a keyboard and mouse for features like testing apps, playing games is an experience next to none. Especially if you are looking for bugs in an app, it is so much easier to identify them and fix them on a laptop than on a phone. Through this article, we bring the 10 best emulators for Windows that you can explore to make your life easy! Let’s begin…

Android Emulators

Android Emulators 

#10 – Bliss OS

Bliss OS is an Android emulator that can be run on your PC via a virtual medium. Further to that, you can run the whole thing through a USB drive as well. It is an open-source OS based on Android, of course. It can be used in any device that has come out in the last 4 years. A few of the many notable features include the options available for customization and theming; it’s the ability to perform with good speed, the ability to tune the battery consumption.

 #09 – Android studio’s emulator

When we are talking about Android, the brand itself has a console that provides a built-in emulator. It allows developers to test their apps and games. The setup, however, is rather complicated and takes more time. It suits well if you are a developer. A few features that are noteworthy in the Android studio’s emulator would be:

  • Fast processing time
  • You can simulate different configurations and features like the ARCore and more.

 #08 – ARChon

ARChon makes your life easier by allowing you to make your chrome itself function as an emulator for you. It means that you can use this Android emulator on any OS with a stable chrome (these days, that means every laptop!). You will install this as an extension on your Google Chrome. Then you will need to get a few APKs and tweak them as per your need and start using them.

#07 – GameLoop


GameLoop is known for its high-quality experience for Android gaming on Windows. It is one of the best options if you are looking for emulators for gaming. It lets users play a range of Android games on their PCs. You will be able to use the complete Play store with the GameLoop emulator, with the additional help of keyboard and mouse, of course! Isn’t this heaven for gamers?

 #06 – Genymotion


Genymotion is the go-to emulator if you are an Android app developer building Android apps but also want to check their response in the windows environment. You can also test the apps that you developed for any Android version from 4.1 onwards. One of the most liked features of this emulator is that it is available both offline and on the cloud. However, if you are a consumer, this is not an option you would like to consider.

 #05 – Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is one of the best options for you if you are looking for a stable emulator. It runs with the same speed and consistency on almost every device. Though, you should note that it is no longer in an active developmental mode. It runs on an Android marshmallow. It is a good option for gamers, but it has fairly clean options for developers too.

#04 – Nox

Nox is one of the most preferred android emulators that are available out there. It comes with several features loaded into it, which include but not limited to:

  • Gameplay optimizations
  • Controller compatibility
  • User-friendly interface

For gamers, this is an option that they can use without giving much thought. It is easy to use. 

#03 – MEmu

MEmu is one of the youngest but most vibrant Android emulators. It is becoming a favorite among gamers and developers alike due to the plethora of features that it comes with. It supports both Intel and AMD processors. That is unique as many emulators cannot do it. You can run MEmu on any Windows device from Windows 7 and upwards. The emulator lets you run more than one version of the apps and Android versions at once!

#02 – Bluestacks


Bluestack is one of the most trusted and stable Android emulators. It can perform on both intel and AMD processors. For both gamers and general users, this is an option that you can use for sure. It has gone through multiple upgrades, and thus, it is always stable. The current Bluestack is based on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat). It has a lot of features as well. You can quickly start using the Android emulator without any hassle.

#01 – LD player


If you are looking for an Android emulator for Windows 10 that is optimized for gaming, you can close your eyes and go for LDPlayer. Though it is very new in the market, it seems to be promising. Because of its high performance, it has become trendy in rapid time. It can also run both on Intel and AMD processors.


Emulators are like a boon to gamers, especially to those who are tight on budgets. We hope this list will ease your android emulator hunt journey. Let us know if this was helpful. Please tell us which one is your favorite. We personally tested all the emulators mentioned, and we think you must consider this information to make your hunt for the best emulator easy. If you believe we have missed providing any crucial information that can help other readers share it with us.

Additionally, if you know about any other Android emulator, let us know about it. We will be happy to update this post. For more information about emulators, come back to this space. If you like this article, share it with your gamer friends who can benefit from the information.

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