An overview of Ashampoo PDF Pro 3

With its third version and well-established status as a subscription-free PDF editing tool, PDF Pro 3 adds some key new features, including full Windows 11 support, a ribbon toolbar that is easy to use and visually appealing, and enhanced PDF editing performance and stability. The new features combined with the ability to support 3x PCs makes Ashampoo fuhrer’s PDF editing software a great value purchase for anyone who owns or works across multiple computers.

The usability of PDF Pro 3

The next section of my PDF Pro 3 review will examine this PDF editing software in more detail, including downloading and installing the free trial version, activating it.Then using it to edit and manage my own PDFs.

How to install PDF Pro 3

You can download PDF Pro 3 for free at the Ashampoo website (to activate the free trial, you will need a free Ashampoo account). At approximately 331 MB in size on the day of my testing, this is a relatively quick download and can be installed in a matter of minutes and with just a few clicks once the installer is running (you will need a free trial activation key and will be asked to register a free Ashampoo account if you do not have one already).

We can now start using PDF Pro 3 once the download and installation are complete. As you can see below, when PDF Pro 3 is first run, a “welcome” PDF will be loaded up, the perfect way to get familiar with the application and its tools.

Having completed the installation, the software is now running on my PC. In the next section, I will examine some of the mainstream PDF editing tools and then later on, cover document formats and secure PDF files.

PDF Editing and Modification

In order to edit and modify PDF documents directly, one of the key reasons for using PDF editing software is, of course, if you do not have the original documents (e.g. in Microsoft Word format) from which the PDF was created.

We can take a look at and test some of the many editing options and tools that are included within PDF Pro 3 by starting with the default “welcome” document. First, let’s take a look at one of the most common tools, the text tool, which can be used to add new text or to edit existing text in the document. By clicking on any existing text within the document, we can edit it, or by using the Text tool, we can create a new text field by simply clicking and dragging on the page to define the new text area, which can be used to create a new block of text.

You can use many of the text editing tools that are available within PDF Pro 3 once you have selected the text area to modify. The PDF document can be formatted exactly how we want by simply adding or appending the text we need.

Last but not least, PDF Pro 3 also comes with built-in spell checking functionality when working with new or existing text within a PDF document. It can easily be activated from the “Review” toolbar and is highly configurable, such as being able to specify which language it should work with, among other things.

How to convert PDFs

While PDF Pro 3 gives us a lot of options for editing PDF documents directly without changing the format of the document, it also gives us the option to change our document’s format whenever necessary.

In spite of the fact that editing files directly from within PDF Pro 3 will be suitable for many PDF editing needs, there may be times when it is better to change the document’s format first (for example, to integrate the content into a website as HTML or to make use of the features of a full word processing application).

In the “Format” button, as pointed out above, you can select a new format for the exported document by clicking on it. Using these tabs at the top of the settings box, we can choose from any of the supported formats and (if necessary) configure any output type.

Despite being able to do a lot within PDF Pro 3, the wide range of export and conversion features make it a top PDF tool. Even if it’s only used for converting PDFs into other formats, we still have a wide variety of formats to choose from.




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