A List Of The Best Android and iOS P2E games

It is hard to imagine making money playing games in a world where we are so used to working for it. P2E games, on the other hand, offer exactly that. Player-to-player games are a new type of NFT games that offer in-game achievements for monetization.By playing, you can earn real money.

In recent years, more developers are making these games for mobile devices, opening a whole new market for blockchain gaming.The majority of people spend more time using their mobile devices than their computers around the world. Without further ado, let’s get started since we will explain 11 apps today. I have thoroughly investigated the best NFT Android and iOS games, but these are only my opinions. Before playing some of them, please do your own research. 

Crazy Kings

Tower defence games like Crazy Kings are common. To defend yourself against various attacks, you have to build towers.There are two reasons why the popularity of the game is growing (at least in my opinion). As to the first one, it’s quite simple – the interface is incredibly well organised and you’ll love it almost immediately. 

It is also possible to earn a TOWER coin. Crazy Kings offers players the chance to earn TOWER tokens by competing in the Grand Tournament Colosseum. Developing a play-to-earn game from a free-to-play game is another step in their growth.

Plant vs Undead

When I first read the name because I wondered “what do plants and undead have in common, and how will they make this game interesting? ”.its place in the P2E NFT games world.In order to better unders by the name because I wondered “what do plants and undead have in common, and how will they make this game interesting? 

In the unfortunate event, a strange and deadly disease that originated from the meteors turned the animals into the ferocious “Undead”, seeking to destroy all living creatures, including the plants and their “mother trees”. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it?

It’s Devikins!

Devikins is another P2E game that is emerging. Adding new characters to your roster increases its versatility and robustness in the Devikins world. The combat system in Devikins is similar to that of a JRPG.A built-in marketplace allows players to buy and sell characters using Devikins coins (DVK).

Infinite Monsta

With the name alone, you can tell what Monsta Infinite is about. Monsta Infinite is a collection of monster-based games that has the potential to become one of the most popular play2earn games in the world, especially in the Philippines. You need three monsters from the marketplace to participate in “monster battles” in Monsta Infinite.

A binmon

You must be familiar with Pokemons if you have ever played video games or watched cartoons. Binemon is a P2E game inspired by pokemon. Several elements are incorporated into the game, including collectibles, gacha, RPG, and adventure.

You can create an army of pets to battle in Binemon’s PvE or PvP environments. The Binemon game uses three currencies, including Ambrosia, which you can earn. By using Draken, one of the platform’s native currencies, you can also acquire Mons through the marketplace.

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