Sepstream: what is it and how does it work?

The PACS server is the beating heart of any radiology department, as it manages information and provides images and reports. Billing, transcription, and picture interpretation are all automated workflows and departmental communication. It takes time and skill to install, customise, and manage a PACS system in addition to a substantial initial investment. A cloud-based, adaptable prosperity development from Sepstream makes it possible for associations to manage clinical organisations using practical, secure, and content-rich imaging. Radiology, cardiology, and factual circumstances are all met with modernised, custom-fitted treatments. By utilising the HL7 interface, reports can be quickly transmitted to clinics, doctors’ offices, and centres for clinical consideration.

Why should you choose us?

A complete solution for digitising your work cycle, from proposals to final reports, is provided by Sepstream.com EMR/RIS/PACSTM Solutions. Our HL7 engine will seamlessly integrate with your billing system, assistant EHR/EMR, or even practise management software. SepStream EMR/RIS/PAC Solutions offer the breadth, significance, organisation, and evaluation that no other vendor can. Our job engagements are completed quickly and predictably. Sepstream.com Solutions’ outreach team is highly qualified to provide a solution to your problem. The primary objective of SepStream EMR/RIS/PACS Solutions is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the products and services we provide. Client expenses, additional courses, and research are not charged.

The 100% web-enabled design of SepStream EMR/RIS/PACS Solutions allows clients to access the platform from anywhere. The solution is tailored to your unique needs based on our collaboration with you. Assistance, maintenance, and upgrades are included in each agreement for a year. As your organisation grows, SepStream EMR/RIS/PACS Solutions will be able to keep up. To combine with your ongoing EMR/RIS/PACS/DICOM items, we set up a few procedures. The success of SepStream EMR/RIS/PACS Solutions depends on the success of its clients.

Fixing SepStream

The game plans we provide are reliable, unrestricted, and affordable. It ensures ongoing efficiency and gives customers an edge in the suggestive imaging sector by optimising tasks and identifying resources that can be used to save money.Thanks to SepStream’s zero-stunt approach to handling agreements and compromises, clients can set up an automated and beneficial work environment with a single response. From the first request to the distribution of the final report and images, we will collaborate with you to digitise your workflow. Our tools allow you to reduce your forward entry, volume, and capacity.

A Revolution Has Taken Place in Logical Imaging

In addition to ongoing reimbursement reductions, complicated regulations, and increased competition/costs, an unstable economy also contributes to these changes. Regardless of whether your organisation operates in IDTF, Emergency Room, Cardiology, robust wellness, crisis centres, or teleradiology (ROI), we commit to working with you to ensure every dollar you invest in SepStream EMR/RIS/PACS Solutions will result in a rapid, measurable, and undeniable profit from adventure. Our goal at sepstream.com is to help our clients succeed while making ends meet.

SepStream Web-based system

As Sepstream’s PACS has advanced, it is able to provide excellent ideas to its clients from anywhere throughout the world. Experts can present their real endeavours without requiring additional designs or selections that require compromise thanks to the framework’s single operating system and user interface! As a result, you will be able to access online images quickly and ensure that you never miss anything important while getting ready.

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