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Wii U Emulator

Wii U Emulator – Which one is a better WII U Emulator – Cemu or Decaf?

Two of the best or rather popular WII Emulators available are Decaf and Cemu. Both are compatible with Windows. While our personal experience makes us believe that Cemu is the better one, we feel that Decaf has got a kick start and has to catch up a lot in order to match up with the effectiveness of Cemu. Cemu has helped a lot in playing games over the last year, and we will highly recommend this one to every gamer.

Wii U Emulator

Wii U Emulator

A bit of information on Cemu

    • Cemu is a closed source emulator and is in its experimental stage.
    • It tries to recreate the UI of the WIIU Emulator right on your Android device. It enables the user to experience the home menu, album, settings, and much more.
    • Presently it is in the Alpha stage, and more support is getting added to it with passing-time.
    • Also, Cemu for Android is capable of booting several commercial games.

    Features of CEMU

    • Presently Cemu is fully optimized. Further optimization can be expected in the future.
    • Cemu highly depends on the performance of your iPhone and its RAM speed.
    • It is possible to display the GamePad or DRC screen by holding the TAB key or even by mapping it to a controller button. It is also possible to toggle between the screens, just by pressing Ctrl+Tab. You can also display the GamePad audio on another window.
    • GamePad audio, as well as TV audio, is supported by Cemu.
    • A system of surround sound is also available.

    Compatibility & System Requirments

    • Windows: 7+
    • Othe requirements:
    • OpenGL 4.1 minimum (4.6 is used, if available)
    • RAM: 4 GB minimum, 8 GB or more recommended
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 X64 Redistributable

    What makes WII U Emulator so popular?

    • Awesome graphics: Emulated games are capable of pushing the limits of your gaming PC. They offer enhanced graphics quality. They also give a boost to the performance of your gaming PC. Cemu can support games like the legend of Zelda quite easily.
    • Easy to use: Generally, a conventional WII U needs you to have an additional device, plugged into your TV. Firstly you have to switch on to this device, and then only you can slot in the game disc. But Cemu allows you to have all your games together, directly on your personal computer. It also helps in swift loading as compared to stock hardware.
    • Flexibility: It is possible to play with the official WII remote controls. But if you do not like it that way, we have got you covered. It is possible to connect a PS4 controller to Cemu.

    Decaf – The Emulation King

    A well-known alternative to Cemu, Decaf is an open-source Nintendo Wii U Emulator.

    • As told earlier, Decaf is not capable of offering excellent emulation like Cemu. But it has got a promising start. We can expect it to grow and develop with time.
    • Decaf began as a Windows 10 WII U Emulator only. This was so because of its utilization of DirectX 12 for Open GL 4.5. This makes Decaf serve as a multi-platform emulator.
    • A sign of relief is that Decaf is capable of running some of the commercial WII U games. If you are looking for a good WII U emulator, then Decaf will serve the purpose to some extent.
    • But let us make you aware that you may come across a few issues right now. There may be certain bugs or graphical issues.
    • We need to understand that right now; Decaf is just at the experimental stage. But the rapid progress it has made within a few months is quite commendable. We are hoping to see a great WII U emulator shortly.

    Compatibility & System Requirements

    • Windows: Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 X64 Redistributable
    • Linux: Modern C++17 friendly compiler
    • GPU: OpenGL 4.5+ or Vulkan

    We hope we were able to provide the information you were looking for. Do share your feedback and any other relative information that can help other gamers out there.

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