Why lab created diamonds is a trending discussion by top media houses

Diamonds are the most precious of gemstones that are perfect for any occasion. From engagement to birthday gifts to wedding- diamond jewelleries are the first choice. But they are also very expensive which make them affordable to a select few. This is where lab grown diamonds come into the scenario. The best thing about getting lab grown diamond engagement rings is they are affordable but no different from mined diamonds. In reality, it is expected that by 2030, lab grown diamonds can eclipse the sales of mined diamonds- such is the growing demand.

What makes lab grown diamonds trending?

Apart from the price, there are several other reasons behind the growing demand for lab grown diamonds. Here are few reasons behind their popularity that makes them the talk of top media houses:

Most ethical source

There is a lot of hardship and even inhuman practices behind mining diamonds. The conditions in diamond mines are dire. This is why, many ethically conscious but potential buyers refrain from investing in diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the perfect alternative for such ethically aware consumers, thus helping you expand the clientele vastly.


The synthetic diamond is by far very affordable compared to mined pieces. Thus, it is within the reach of majority of consumers. Whether you are looking for bespoke engagement rings or any such pieces of jewellery- they can be made with synthetically created diamonds.

Same as mined diamonds

The shine, cut, hardness and overall quality of the lab grown diamonds is nothing different from mined diamonds. Moreover, they are created synthetically in a lab without any extreme labour behind it. Thus, there is no compromise on quality or ethics even though it is an affordable option.

Increased availability

Diamonds are among the rarest stones. Quality mined diamond is extremely difficult to come by. Thus, they are very expensive. Even if you are willing to pay the price, finding quality mined diamond is rather tricky. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds can be produced in masses without depleting the natural resources. Thus, the availability is high. More and more people find it accessible compared to mined diamonds, as a result.

More profitable

Another reason behind the buzz about lab grown diamonds is the improved profit margin. Lab grown diamond is high quality and produced much rapidly compared to mined diamonds. Jewellery story owners have better accessibility. As a result, they are able to increase the profit margin without charging too high. It is expected that this profit margin will increase even more in the coming years.
Fine jewellery with diamonds is one of the most desirable items among connoisseurs of such items. But the expense and the lack of availability makes it tricky to acquire the perfect piece. This is why lab grown diamonds have become a trend as it beats all such issues posed by mined diamonds. Own a jewellery piece made with synthetic diamonds is same as choosing mined diamonds these days, courtesy the improving technology.

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