Why is Blogging Becoming the New Trump Card for Your SEO Strategy?

It has not been long since Link Building has played a great role in the marketing forum. Back then, Link Building was significant in dominating search engines, attract new website visitors. But recently, Google has updated its functions, and here blogging has started to play a dominant role. Now, if you have a blogging page, where you will update freshly brewed content with high-quality materials and with applicable subjects, it will help your website rank higher in the search engine results. Now below are the reason for which blogging is the new underdog of the SEO world:

Blogging Is About Key Words

Keywords act as the foundation stone of any SEO activity.  Every SEO handler needs to know what every prospective customer and their searches. This in-place helps in manufacturing an effective SEO and web marketing campaign. Developers need a more subtle strategy, as the era of targeting keywords with tactics like link building is now out of line. So, the blogging contents should be essentially great with great ‘Keywords’ or relevant words.  As Google’s algorithm got smarter, it will utilize the Semantic Search methods to find out whether your contents deal with the mentioned keyword or not. This gives an upper hand for blogging, although they need to be optimized. Updating blogs frequently also helps you in providing treasured content. However, SEO Company Melbourne will help you in building a productive SEO strategy for your website.

Blogging attracts robots.

Link Building can also get utilized for blogging purposes. As many of you know that link building is for grabbing the attention of search engine robots. Linking Building entices robots to pay attention to their website. However, this system can soon get out of commission. As the search engine robots are much smarter.  The robots currently get the most attention on content-rich websites. This meets the claims. Therefore here blogging again plays a significant role in grabbing the attention of search engine bots. You use internal links of your other blog post in other blog posts and websites to lend direction to engine robots’ further guidance. So, in the end that content stands superior over links in the SEO priority race.

Blogging on Social Media platforms

There was a time when blogging embarked on a considerable position in the social media domain. And, that stepping stone is still on rolls. Why so? Well, people love to share stuff that appeals to them or provide great information to them. This process of sharing helped blogging websites earn traffic in return. However, on the other side, you can only earn high traffic if you have quality content. Thus, bloggers need to keep their website heavily updated with new blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  One can also make their post visually appealing by adding widgets, or plugins, etc.

Blogging Converts

Companies often make mistakes by spending time and capital in attracting people to a website, where people arrive to find nothing. Blogging helps in website conversion, as through that, you can turn the visitors into a lead and later to customers. Blogging provides free data, free resources, and content to all your projected customers. Thus that makes consumers rely more on your service, ending up investing. Blogging also helps in building and enhancing the relationship with consumers.


If you make your brand follow Google’s philosophy of providing help to searches, you will get favour from Google in return with an increase in search engine results rankings. It was well projected that blogging will be rising, purely because of its sheer capability of attracting and informing all at the same time.

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