What Is Buddha’s Hand?

What Is Buddha's Hand?

Buddha’s hand is a citrus fruit within the citron circle of relatives, which looks like a lemon with lengthy, finger-like segments growing on it. Although it includes no fruit or pulp, it’s far noticeably aromatic, and the peel and rind can be used for many dishes, which include salad dressings, marinades, baked goods, and drinks.

Buddha’s hand, or fingered citron, as it’s also regarded, is an expansion of Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylis, which normally has no fruit, pulp, juice, or seeds. It receives its call from its uncommon shape, which resembles a hand with many spread arms, despite the fact that a few cultivars are greater like a closed hand than an open hand.

And even as its interiors, underneath its vivid yellow rind, are not anything but sour, white pith, its zest provides a lovable lemon blossom-like taste to dishes, and may be utilized in any preparation that Demands citrus zest. Its peel also can be candied.

Like maximum citrus, fingered citron requires heat, or at the least temperate weather to thrive. Where lemons and oranges can develop, Buddha’s hand can also be there. Also, like other citrus culmination, it ripens and starts in wintry weather and can be available for purchase in spring. It tends to line up a piece more with grapefruits than oranges in season, so it may be well into the iciness earlier than you will see it piled up in markets.

How Did This Fruit Get Its Name?

It has long been used as a supply in Buddhist temples, particularly the near-fingered varieties, which resemble hand positions for prayer. The fruit is a symbol of happiness, lengthy life, and property success.

In China, the fruit is displayed for good success. In Japan, the Buddha’s hand is a famous New Year’s gift as an image of right good fortune.

How To Use Buddha’s Hand

Like other types of citron, Buddha’s hand is used often for its zest and peel. In fact, maximum fingerling types don’t have any fruit or pulp to devour within the peel-included hands or at the bottom of the fruit.

To use Buddha’s hand, ruin a “finger” of the hand, and grate or peel the intense lemon from the out of doors. As with all citrus peels, you most effectively want the brightly colored part, now not the bitter white pith at the lowest.

Use the resulting chopped zest in baked goods, salad dressings, drinks, marinades, or any dish or recipe that requires lemon zest or orange zest. Note that its aroma is pretty extreme. Lovely and floral, however targeted and severe. 

What Does It Taste Like?

Since you are now not normally ingesting the zest, but as a substitute for adding it in small amounts to diverse dishes, you are greater apt to observe its aroma than its flavor. And its aroma is very candy and lemon-like. If you devour the rind itself, it’s going to the flavor of lemon, even though under no circumstances candy and the white pith below can be predominantly sour, but with a moderate sweetness, at least compared to the pulp of different citrus end result, and A little crunchy. ,

Dietary Fee

The dietary content of Buddha’s Hand has been compared to that of an uncooked lemon peel, which means that 1 teaspoon (2 grams) consists of negligible quantities of protein, carbs, fats, and fiber, in addition to less than 1 calorie.

Where To Buy Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s Hand is to be had in Asian markets in addition to forte food shops such as Whole Foods and traditional supermarkets in the past due to fall and iciness months. Choose ones with the company, vibrant peels which have a detectable floral-lemon aroma. Avoid any fruit with smooth spots or limp palms.

Since there are both “open-fingered” and “close-fingered” varieties, this recommendation only applies for some time, but in the U.S. Are truly separated and curling away from each other, as this is what they do whilst the fruit ripens.


Buddha’s hand may be saved at room temperature for approximately a week or in the fridge for up to a month.

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