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Virtual Boy Emulator – It’s possible to use VisualBoy Advance as a free alternative to the official Game Boy, GBA, and GBC software. On your computer, you may revisit happy memories from your youth.

Virtual Boy Emulator

On-screen controls for Game Boy games

You can relive the glory days of RPGs as you battle and rise through a variety of games.

Nintendo created VisualBoy Advance as a Game Boy emulator. An emulator mimics the operating system of a different console or gadget. This enables the specialised platform to execute applications that were designed for the emulator’s unique hardware.

Using this method, you may relive the fun of your youth. By playing Pokemon Fire Red or Sapphire and attempting to become a Pokemon Master by defeating every gym leader, it is feasible to get all of them. If you die, you can resurrect with complete save state support, which means you can easily go back a few steps.

With full joystick support, you can sit back and enjoy the game. As a result of this, you may connect your computer to a television and use the joystick to compete against each other for the greatest score.

You have total control over your game if you use the hacking and debugging tools that are already included. These tools provide you full access to your game, allowing you to gain a head start on your competition. Enhancing the display using graphics filters improves the visual quality of the games.

Where can you run this application?

In order to use VisualBoy Advance, you’ll need to have the latest version of Microsoft DirectX installed on your PC.

Does another option exist?

No. However, VisualBoy Advance is solely for use on a computer. ‘ Play on the move with My Boy – GBA Emulator if you’re seeking for apps for mobile devices.

What we think about it.

You may play ancient games for free with VisualBoy Advance, an excellent emulator. It’s a terrific opportunity to reminisce about and play some of those games that are no longer accessible.

Is it worth downloading?

Yes, it’s a great opportunity to relive some of your favourite memories and play some of your favourite games. The emulators’ ability to run the complete Game Boy series will be particularly appreciated by Pokemon lovers.

Advancement of Visual Boy

There is no charge for this service

You may use Visual Boy Advance Emulator on your PC, which is the earliest PC emulator. GBA, GBC, SGB and SGB2 ROMs are all supported by this device. All games may be saved and exported to another emulator at any time, and the data can be transferred easily. It allows you to play GBA games with a joystick, which improves the overall gaming experience. DirectSound, a better sampling rate, and OpenGL are included in this emulator.


Create a fake

Preserve states

SGB2 and SGB1 are supported by the multi-system.


The ability to customise the appearance of the colour palette


support for joysticks

The ability to save the game in a way that is personalised by the player.

Streamlined Setup


Beginners will find it difficult.

The vast majority of Virtual Boy titles are still of a mediocre quality. Because they were launching software on a brand-new platform, it was understandable that they were nervous. A low-effort pinball game is Galactic Pinball, while a crime against nature is 3D Tetris. Even so, it’s good to have a consistent and pleasant method to play Mario’s Tennis, which has always featured huge, gorgeous sprites and excellent mechanics to begin with. Despite the all-red visuals, Wario Land’s art and animation made the game seem good even in the absence of colour.

That Kevin Costner movie-inspired Waterworld video game looks very cool, too. Because of the all-red colour scheme, the Jet Ski foes’ holographic style was considerably more noticeable.

While this isn’t a classic, it’s nonetheless a fun way to relive one of gaming’s most infamous own goals. If you have access to the hardware, I suggest giving it a go.

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