Unveiling LEIYAUN’s M2018 Rainwater Modules: Exceptional 60 Tons/m2 Load Capacity and More

The advent of rapid urbanization and shifting climate patterns necessitates proficient handling of environmental resources. Championing this cause is the M2018 Rainwater Modules from LEIYAUN, an innovative solution hailing from China that revolutionizes the approach to rainwater management.


Superior Strength Designed for Heavy-duty Applications

M2018 Rainwater Modules or, in other terms, Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks or Modular Storm Water Tanks, boast an unparalleled load capacity. Designed to withstand an impressive load of up to 60 tons/m2, they are perfect for heavy-duty applications such as fire lanes and parking lots. Their strength isn’t merely a trait; it is a testament to LEIYAUN’s dedication to innovation and durability.


Efficient Water Management: From Stormwater Attenuation to Harvesting

M2018 Rainwater Modules, akin to high-capacity Stormwater Attenuation Cells, optimize space with a high void ratio of 93%. They function efficiently as Modular Stormwater Detention systems, facilitating rainwater retention and management, thereby easing pressure on urban drainage infrastructure. Their versatility allows them to serve as a Rainwater Harvesting Module as well, contributing to a more sustainable and water-efficient environment.


Precise Dimensions: The Geometry of Efficiency

Each M2018 Rainwater Module, or Modular Water Storage Tank, measures 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm (Length x Width x Height), offering a water storage capacity of 230 liters. Despite this high capacity, each unit weighs approximately 13kg, which allows for effortless handling and installation, making them a go-to choice as Modular Plastic Geocellular Systems.


Modularity for Customization

The M2018, known as Geocellular Storage Crates or Geocellular Infiltration Tank Units, is designed with modularity in mind. This modular nature allows them to be assembled as per project requirements, ensuring optimal space utilization, and providing flexibility for future expansion or adjustments.


Sustainability and Longevity

Constructed from 100% recycled polypropylene, M2018 modules double as Rainwater Retention Crates that underline LEIYAUN’s commitment to sustainability. They are designed to withstand the test of time, resistant to corrosion and chemical pollutants, ensuring longevity and reducing the necessity for frequent replacements.


Collaborate for a Sustainable Future

The M2018 Rainwater Modules, also known as Stormwater Drainage Tanks or Geocellular Water Box Management Systems, serve as a testament to LEIYAUN’s commitment to sustainable solutions. We welcome global dealers to join us in this exciting venture. By becoming a distributor of M2018, you would partake in a global movement towards sustainable urban development.


With the M2018 Rainwater Modules, LEIYAUN is setting new industry standards. With their robust load capacity, efficient water management, and sustainable design, they offer a compelling solution to the challenges of modern urban development. Join us in this endeavor, and let’s redefine the future of rainwater management together.

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