The Potential Of Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology In The Field Of Defence.

In the present-day scenario, Blockchain technology and other ledger automation are drawing the attention and interests of researchers because the potential cross-sectional application of Blockchain is beyond finance where it appeared. A large number of platforms related to defence and mechanisms are very complicated.

  • The digital currency Bitcoin is powered by the Blockchain system, which has the potential to remarkably improve the route of defence contractors managing supply chains that leads to a better process for the life of the asset.
  • Additionally, Blockchain offers a specific operational performance refinement for assets right after they go into service.

ROLE OF BLOCKCHAIN IN DEFENCE: Blockchain was developed as the prime protocol to support the virtual currency Bitcoin by including a data security layer and providing trusts to bitcoin holders and confidence about digital business.

  • A Blockchain is mostly about arranging and storing data concerning a pre-defined logic.
  • The data is not stored on the server’s database of central authority, it is rather encrypted and a copy of the data is collected and stored on the nodes that are connected to the network. This turbulent technology is expected to bring a revolution in the way the internet operates and opens infinite possibilities.
  • Blockchain technology not only minimizes the chance of compromise but also impose an outstandingly higher cost on an opponent to do so.
  • The significance of this technology is the development of trust in digital data as a huge decentralized network can authenticate the rationality of data and store permanent secure digital documentation.

Blockchain technology present in Bitcoin is a major distributed accounting register that records all transactions done by the Bitcoin holders.

  • Unlike conventional ledger, Blockchain verifies the transaction made by using peer to peer networks to initiate distributed concurrence and eradicating single points to fail. The Blockchain’s design ensures that the data is fixed and auditable as each of the transactions is linked to its forerunner and every member of the network is provided with a copy of the ledger. Trading Bitcoin can be a complex procedure especially, due to its Blockchain technology but, the Official Site helps to trade efficiently.
  • The fixed and peer-to-peer feature of the Blockchain points out that a successful hack will require abundant quantities of technological knowledge to get access to the data of thousands of users.

One of these is present in the complex supply chain of defence transport equipment and other necessary things in tough terrains all around the world.

  • Blockchain technology of Bitcoin can address security-related issues and offers a more secure record of supply chain management and allows real-time recognition of duties.

The American Supermarket Walmart has invested in Bitcoins and has recently displayed this to great effect with its progress of a food safety Blockchain that minimized the time taken to trace the food source from a week to 2.2 seconds only, helping to act against the outbreak of E. coli and speedy remediation.


It is paramount that defence units can immediately understand who is having access to the virtual sites at various security classifications and what the visitors are doing once access is granted. This requires major investment in a database that collects, stores and also processes volumes of private information.

  • Previous cases portray how hackers have got illegal access to important information that is submitted by military personnel for security clearance in 2015. Such problems can be reduced by Blockchain, as it might be working alongside the already existing databases using signature chains that will act as a personal Blockchain for individual users.
  • This suppresses and removes the requirement of any reiteration and administration of access rights.


Some steps must be taken to enable the use of Blockchain technology on a wider scale. In-depth research must be done on network infrastructure, interoperability due to the complex nature of Blockchain. The defence community should realize that there is promotion. Although it will be a slower process for now, in the future, the Blockchain technology of Bitcoin can be highly beneficial in defence fields.

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